August 28, 2008

I am all about my Biz-ness today.

Saucy Sashi and I are on the road from Butt-Crack of Dawn to well...lots of Moon Shine. How's that for a Momma Business description?
Klassy language (with a K) and booze.
Our mommas should be so proud!
Seriously though, we will be traveling from before the sun until well after the moon beams greet us. With a Full JBF Prep Day in the middle.
Please keep us in your prayers if you happen to think of us today.
Saucy says she's not a Crip any more, but I'm a firm believer one can't have too much prayer.
And I kinda, sorta have a night blindness thing going for me.
We're a pair to behold in action.
Which, btw, I will be rousing the senses with pix tomorrow. We always say, "We should take pix. Document our JBF Days." Well, we are.
It will be thrilling. It will be compelling. It will knock your socks off.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: If I haven't told you lately how much I appreciate your willingness to "take over the home front" while I am out gallivanting...I am. And you ROCK, Sweet Cheeks!


Fawn said...

I was really hoping to see a picture of your old-lady hair.
Think you can hook a sista up?

Sara said...

I had no idea you were the genius behind JBF!! I shopped there in the Spring for the first time. You rock! Good Luck, I am going to try to sell this year so I can get in early. :-)

Anonymous said...

Granny M and I are headed to "The Cape" as in Cape Cod! Granny M has ascertained, from the same place air guitars come from, that Miss Montana, at her advanced doggie age of nearly 84, must see, touch and experience the ocean. As the Westerners of years ago might say..going to see the Elephant!
Good luck to both of you on your JBF venture.

ShEiLa said...

May your JBF travels be safe.

Nothing like leaving at the butt0crack of dawn with lots of moon-shine... Ü you crack me up!!
Have fuN ladies.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pics?
All I got is water over here to look at.....these folks talk mighty in Province-town. Keep telling me to "pek ya caw he'h" which translates to "park my car here!" Oh... and "$22.50 fa af a day!"