August 22, 2008

Day 13... Suh-Weet and Suh-our!

We only have two days left. I repeat: We only have two days left!! It has been one of the BEST Games I can remember. The events have been exciting, fair (ish), inspiring and nail biters!

Also, I have several more flags to give away. How about telling me your three favorite memories or moments of these Games in a comment to enter. If you know fellow Olympic Lovers have them enter too.

Today was totally Sweet & totally Sour!

Who won medals today?

Holy Cow! The screamin' and squealing that went on in this house when it was time for the Gold races for the BMX!

BTW, Girl Child was semi-interested too.

If the Olympics does one thing. It inspires.
The Problem: I don't particularly need Boy Child getting any more inspiration.
Know what I mean Mommas?


Because this is what our driveway looks like lately.

Our Girls won the Gold in Football!

Foot + Ball = Soccer every where else in the world.They captured my heart at this very second...

When they involved their wee ones in their Medal Ceremony...
Thank you Mommas for being such Inspiring Examples!


Then their was a new team of Golden Boys!The quiet, gentle Thin Beast was a hoot to watch when they won! He full-bodied tackled his partner to the sand. I think it shocked even him.

I was feeling for the Brazilians...volleyball and soccer are like a whole other religion there.

The sympathy ended abruptly when I heard their rude, unsportsman-like fans singing, talking, shouting during The Star Spangled Banner! I literally came out of my chair People with my fists raised. I don't know who I was gonna punch...but, I was ready!

Then, my Angry, Self-Righteous Rug was ripped out from under me!

By the sweetest sound heard over the rudeness...

The American fans in the stands were singing our beloved song...

I have tears streaming down my face as I type this just remembering.

Without any show of anger, disappointment, or IN-YOUR-FACE spirit the fans kept their eyes on the flag and began singing...and singing...and singing.

The Thin Beast and Professor were havin' a hard time keeping it together on the stand.

I wasn't.

I was bawlin' and squawlin'.

Embarrassed of my own lack of good sportsman-like conduct.

And proud...PROUD, of the American Fans.

(choked sob...reaching for Kleenex...blowing now...sigh)

I love you fellow Americans.

I really, really love you.


Did ya hear?

After 3 Golds, the Invincibles lost.

It was a sour taste.

Couldn't defend the Gold.

No more softball.


What else happened today?

Oh. My. Word.

This team has been through the wringer.
And now after like 24+ years they will play for Gold!!
I was kinda concerned after Phelp's last race. I didn't think I'd really get into many other events. Wrong. Usain Bolt, all kinds of volleyball, the "athons" are way cool, the bmx is different. It's been great! But this game? Oh people, do not miss it if you want some hard heart pounding excitement.

Suh-weet!After 5 events our All American Guy is still in the lead of the decathlon! Now, that's some serious athleticism!

What in the world??!!

First the guys, then 30 minutes later the women have slippery hands too??

Wow. Team USA is havin' a seriously hard time in the track arena.

I get your frustration lady. Unfortunately, the IOC caters to a certain few....well, billions. Maybe it will be back in 2016.
The results of Ancient Chinese Secret.

Giant Hickey Therapy.

Just kiddin'. It's Ancient Chinese Suction Therapy.

A bird's eye view of the Bird's Nest.

for the World.

How about those Chinese gymnastics fans? Fans is Here they are yesterday waiting for a quick glimpse of their fascinations...

Wonder what's gonna happen when The Truth can't be hidden any longer?

China has not changed one iota in the Honesty is the Best Policy Department. The few have done whatever they like for so long and they're drones have just had to go along with it...they're not quite sure how to handle the Whole World talkin' back. The info is so legit and unquestionable. They are not used to being held accountable.

It makes me feel for the sweet girls in the middle. They have spent their entire existence readying themselves. Then proving themselves. Yet, having to keep a national secret inside. The pressure of preforming to perfection for over a billion people, living in glass bowls, keeping a dirty secret...the stress must be overwhelming for these pre-pubescent girls.

And what will happen to them?

They will have their medals stripped in shame. They will be looked down upon in a country that honor is everything. They will have been cheated by their own country...

It makes me mad. And very, very sad.

Mean while we have this clown in charge. He, who has a huge dilemma with the world's trust, wouldn't take care of the problem before the games because he can't possibly fulfill his duty and question the Host Country. Hold them accountable. No, he is too busy getting caught red-handed taking bribes and kick-backs to take care of Olympic business.

What does he do under the pressure? He lashes out at Usain Bolt? Criticizes his antics and spirit. Hello Jacques? The person who has revitalized the Post Phelps Olympics? That's who you choose to question? The World is Watching and that's your course of action?

I want to file an Official Olympic Protest.

It would read:

Dearest IOC,

When will you pull your heads out?

If you can't find an honorable candidate for the Olympics top job, at least get us a new Ostrich and fresh sand to bury his head!

This one is old, scrawny and thinks he's Cock of the Walk.

We, the World, will even settle for a Proud Peacock if he has morals.


A very frustrated Olympic Fan

Love Note to Big Shooter: Thank you Love, for enduring my crazy obsessions, ranting and ravings, crying, cheering and shouting with a quiet smile and no judgement...or comments.

Flag Give-Away: Leave a comment telling me your 3 fave memories/moments of these Games to be entered!


Anonymous said...

Who couldn't cheer for Dorra Torres when she made sure the race couldn't go on before the other girl changed her swim suit. I really admire that woman! And Lolo Jones showed SO MUCH strength & capacity in the pre-lims, but only to fall on a hurdle?? And you ran the hurdles??? Wow I'm impressed!!About the only other thing I got to watch was a little bit of gymnastics. SOMEONE else in this household would rather watch Fox News! But I did enjoy watching Shawn Johnson, is that her name? Now YOU need to turn off that TV, stay away from the computer- & get to work on the REALLY important things in life...
See you in a few-

Anonymous said...

Well-well! I thought I was all alone on the "All Quiet Western Front...after the Blog Battle!" But at least Mamacita got right in there...with...Yeah!
You will be happy to know, thanks to Granny M, that Ellen has accepted your heart felt apology and even more happy to be informed that the general populous of NYC, those that read your "angry Blog'' have reconsidered and are NOT having your cable turn OFF! They have the power and final know?

Three greatest moments...gee I can't get past the women's synchronized swimming..unforgettable and still having nightmares...speaking of athletes coming out of retirement to save the day..what happened to Ester Williams?

faroutmom said...

I already won a flag but my moments are:

1. Phelps: 8 for 8 in 08
2. Momma Torres crying on the podium
3. Our girls leaving their shoes on home plate.
4. Fellow divers giving Laura Wilkinson a standing ovation
5. The smile of Shawn Johnson
6. Beach Volleyball everything.

ok..I did two sets of three...but I just couldn't narrow it down. Onward to Synchro Swimming

Anonymous said...

Phelps "fingernail" win.
Men's sand volleyball win.
The lightweight wrestling win.
Soul Sis

ShEiLa said...

Have you applied for a job as commentator for the next summer Olympics???? I think you could do a fine job, maybe better than some of those we now have. Do you agree with me that they ask such dumb questions of the Atheletes after a competition lost???? I get frustrated with their questions and I am not even there.

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