August 17, 2008

The 8th Wonder of the World is American!

Who won Gold today?


The moment it happened.

The moment it sunk in! The Wonder Team that made it possible.

And then...Momma spanked the kids!

Tid Bit: The added age of the Aussies on either side of her on the podium is still younger than her.

Now, that's a Mama Mia!

Meet Miss Gold Medalist from New Zealand.

Umm, well. I don't know what to say.

The Swiss Tennis Guys were a wee tiny bit excited about their win over Sweden today.
Just a tad.

Holey Moley! She's my age. She's the momma of a teen and is not just a Olympic Gold Medalist, but a marathoner! A Marathon. 26 miles.
Way to go Romania!

Who's the FASTEST man on the planet?

Why that'd be The Lightening Bolt from Jamaica.

You are witnessing the birth of a Jamaican Rock Star my friends.

Who apparently, had a hard time tying his shoes!

Can you imagine if he'd tripped, instead of blowing away his competitors and breaking the world record?

This chick has it going on! She is the Ukraine who won Gold in the heptathlon.

What, you ask, is a heptathlon?

The events in a heptathlon include a high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin, hurdles, and two runs, one at a sprinting distance and one at a longer distance. Each event is worth a number of points. It is held over two days. The competitor with the most accumulated points wins.


What else happened today?

Our own fine specimen of an American Athlete won a bronze in the heptathlon.

More thrillers happened over at the Ping Pong Palace!

And even though Jamaica is churning out fabulous things like the Fastest Man on the Planet and Olympic bobsledders, we still had at least one guy who could do us proud on the podium!

This really isn't trivia of any interest or importance.

I just happen to decide to add Beijing to my own Bucket List after looking at all these Olympic pix! Look at the contrast in this photo of old and modern.

This is just a lovely gratuitous kid pic. Is she not adorable?!

Dear male readers, Please roll your tongues back in and slap your jaws closed. She is not interested in anything other than her own javelin. (Not yours...)

In fact she loves the sport so much she finally agreed to model "because the hours are flexible and the money is okay" and it affords her to do what she loves best...

Throwin' a sharp stick really, really far!

I keep reading a whole lotta junk about how bad the pollution is, but all I've seen has been either sunny or overcast, not polluted. Leading up to these Games I checked the weather quite often. Not once in the weeks leading up to the Games was it a "mask worthy" day. In fact, the Chinese have shut down like 102 manufacturing facilities and construction sites from mid June to mid Sept. to help the athletes as much as possible. The problem doesn't seem to be China's, but the media's. They can't seem to let it go and say the air isn't toxic.
It kinda reminds me of Hussein's guy saying, "The enemy are throwing down their guns and surrendering in droves at the gates of
our city," as our bombs were dropping all around him.
for the Crumb Snatchers.
Lesson: Is from Dara herself.
She is a proud American who let her tears of pride, relief and happiness wet her cheeks.

She never gave up on her goals and dreams.
And the reward was overwhelming and worth it!
She said, "There is no age limit for your Dreams!"

Amen, Sister!



A little tid bit about me: Those of you who know me personally will find this hard to believe since I am 5 feet tall and weigh...well, a whole lot.

I ran hurdles when I was young.

Stop laughing.

I did.

Mom? Dad? Tell 'em please. I know they won't believe me...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Even though I keep adding things to my own Bucket List, the #1 thing on that list is to grow old with you. Ahhh...gag, choke, sputter.


Flea said...

You're doing a FANTASTIC JOB covering the Olympics. I've enjoyed watching it on weekends here at work. Tonight's wins were spectacular!

Anonymous said...

The Lightening Bolt from Jamacia was amazing, the only thing dissapointing from a Momma perspective was him not "racing" all the way to the end. We always tell our kids to give it their all to the very end. He reminded me of the hare in the tortis and the hare...I can just imagine he may have to learn that lesson in the future. Soul Sister

FIL said...

Hey SweetDIL,
Didn't you run under the hurdles?

Love ya

FerLee said...

LOL fil and amen Soul Sister. Perhaps he was just backing off so he could beat his record easier next time??? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

I love that Michael Phelps!

And take it from someone who has spent a lot of time in China in the last two years -- the air is that bad.

Rudy said...

I believe you.....I ran them too and I'm not much taller. Love, love, love all the olympic facts you always have for us.

Fawn said...

When I told my family I used to do the balance beam and uneven bars they didn't believe me either. I called to call Grandma for conformation.

Unknown said...

LOL - Any video of those hurdles? I love reading your updates! We thought the same thing about the Bolt not giving it his all the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Another question...Who came up with the "form" the gymnists hold their hands in when they 'march' to their next event? Soul Sis

Anonymous said...

Hey! Marathons are 26 point 2miles. Those last 0.2 miles are killer after the first 26. Not that I had any personal experience, but I live with someone who does. And I was in Beijing last summer. There were a lot of overcast/smoggy skies, but I (and I have MANY allergies) didn't find the breathe-ability of the air to be bad at all. I think everyone should add China to their Bucket List but go soon as it changes all the time.