August 7, 2008

Scheduling, Random Facts, and Housekeeping

Do you have any idea how exciting it is to have so many people comment and send me emails that say, "Woohoo, I'm excited! I think I'll watch a little of these Games!" If I may say so, It Rocks!
I keep getting the same questions and requests. So here ya go. Your wishes are my command. Or whatever that saying is.


* How do we know when and what events are scheduled to air?

I personally am using NBC's site. It is programed for your viewing area, gives detailed listings of what sport and specific events will be aired and their times. It also lists other channels with different events happening at the same time so you can decide which you'd like to watch. AND you can print it all out if you are a Fuh-Reek like me! Click here for NBC's site. Then click on TV & ONLINE LISTINGS to view your local area.

* Where are you finding your info?
The simple answer: Google.

The other answer: I can't tell you. I don't want you to know to what degree I am obsessed. It is already obvious enough. I don't need to confirm or add to your impression any further. Nuf said.

* What kinds of activities do you have planned for your Crumbs and are you really going to do them?

First - Let me say, "Yes. I will really do them. It has to do with that whole pesky former public school job I held forever more (it's like ingrained in my blood now to turn all moments into learning moments) and that other pesky situation I love finding myself in called Home School.

Second - I will list what I know I'm going to do or have done thus far with them. I am notorious for making up assignments at the last second, when I see or hear something that sparks an idea.

Leading Up To:
~We have read and studied about China and her diverse culture and people.

~We have been studying the World map.

~We have semi-planned what foreign snacks we're planning on making to share with Big Shooter to further their experience.

~We have made numerous trips to the Asian market here. It is never boring. We always learn something new. We always come away with an appreciation for our "non-adventurous" American diet.


~I am looking for a really large World Map (I think I'm going to have to break down and buy the one at Staples.) to hang on the living room wall so they can have the Shooter version of Where In The World game. As the countries come into the stadium whoever is able to locate that country will earn an M&M.

~They will have an Olympic Journal for the two weeks. Each day will have the same prompts to help them do an oral report or a bookish report. (What new country did you hear of today? What athlete inspired you today? Why? What characteristic did they display? What was the BEST Olympic moment for you today? The worst? How can you apply what you learned today to your own life?)

~All our lessons will revolve around the Games. Math - will have to do with the medal standings, or number of athletes from each country, or, or, or... Reading and Writing - the abundance of information will make it hard to choose. Geography, history, music and art all can be so easily explored and expanded using the Games.

~Like I've mentioned several times, we will be cooking up different treats from all over the world. They are especially excited about this b/c they love to cook. It should be fun.

~By the time the Games are over I'd like them to be able to identify all the participating countries on the map.

~For P.E. we are going to be trying out new sports. I know this will instill a new appreciation in them for these inspiring young people!

If you have wee ones I encourage you to teach them our National Anthem. You will so cherish their little voices singing along with our Olympic Champions with their hands over their hearts.

And the little mascots, Fuwa, are adorable little lessons waiting to happen. They represent specific Chinese beliefs. Very interesting for kiddos.

And second to last question: How many and what countries are taking part?
205 Countries. (To find out their names click here.) Instead of countries backing out to boycott the Games, there are two more than were in Athens. I love that. Do we really think boycotting the Games will change the Chinese government and their treatment of humanity? I am a firm believer in (say it with me people) - Showing by example! And how in the world can we do that if we are not there?

This is yet another looong post, so I am saving the last question for tomorrow. Unless of course, anyone else asks another. Which I of course will be more than happy to address.

Thanks for reading these long dissertation-ish posts. I am getting down off my platform now. Have a fabulous Thursday!

Love Note to Big Shooter: Okay, okay, I didn't offer them a prize for reading today. Are you happy?


Anonymous said...

Well...what an interesting Blog you have this AM...your links stole about an hour of my early AM business time...well worth it...and way better than the "Pee content blog!" Ya figure I might be equated with Huanhuan!

FerLee said...

You are such a great teacher!!! You crumbs are very privledged!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Shawna said...

What rocks is to have a friend who is such a veritable fount of useful Olympic knowledge! Thanks for providing all this great and inspiring information (and for answering my unasked questions) :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo!..great stuff kiddo!..Just wish it wasnt all taking place in a Commie country who kills its own people..but such is life hun! the post!

Queen B said...

Awesome post. Finding an Olympic schedule was on my to do list for the day!!

We are so copying some of your ideas!!

ShEiLa said...

a BIG thank you to YOU for sparking the Olymipic flame in me. I now have a favorite in the weight lifting division. Her name is Melanie Roach... she has 3 kids and one of them has Autism... you really have to want to be an Olympian to it in with 3 kids and a back surgery plus she owns her own gymnastics school since that is where her dream began... (she would have competed in the 2000 Olympics if it weren't for a herniated disc in her back) This woman seems simply amazing to me.
My words about how I feel about Melanie... just don't do her the justice I believe she deserves.
Please cheer for Melanie if you end up watching weight-lifting.