August 9, 2008

Day 1 & flag give away

I am thrilled the host country was able to win gold the first day out.
One of them a girl weight lifter none the less!
How cute is she?
The new Olympic Champion of 1,300,000,000 people!
I love the fact POTUS is walking amongst the athletes.
Showing up unannounced and saying, "I am so proud of you...of what we stand for."

The American Men's Beach volleyball team is ranked #1 in the Olympics and they lost to #23 ranked Latvia in the first prelim. Ouch.

The first medals for the Americans were a SWEEP in fencing, Baby!

Gold, Silver and Bronze!!

I miss the Hamm brothers. But, guess what? This guy is a fellow OKIE!
I am so pulling for the Chinese Men these Games since they dropped the ball in Athens. The truth is: They rock. More then rock.
They're gonna kick some serious tail.
Seriously. What is there to say about this young man that hasn't already been said.
I did read a couple facts I haven't heard in a while: His torso is extra long so it lends itself perfectly to being even more dolphin like. He wears a size 14 shoe. The better to kick water with.
The more I read, the more he reminds me of Lance Armstrong in the water.
Oh, btw, here he is winning his first gold of the games while he sets a new world record in the process. Just another day at the pool...

So this was from the Opening Ceremony not Day 1, but I have decided each evening I am going to pick my fave moment from the day before and teach the Crumbs a lesson.
This one shows what I want them to take away from the Games:
1 in 1,300,000,000 can impact the world in a life-changing way.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Two nights down Love. You only have 14 more to endure...thank you for smiling.
Give away: I need some ideas for flag giveaways. How can we spread the love? Get others fired-up and engaged in the Games? As my lovely bloggy friend from the King Klan says, "Pass the Torch"? If you leave a comment your name goes in the hat. If you leave an idea (already got yours Sheila!) your name goes in double for the first Games Give Away!


Flea said...

Thank you for the update! I'm not keeping up, outside of checking here (don't smack me!). No ideas. Sorry.

Rudy said...

The Chinese men gymnasts were amazing. Even Mark was like "wow, did you see that guy?!" I can't stop talking about that little hero boy with Yao. Love your updates and pics.

Christine said...

All I'm sayin' is who needs NBC when you're providing the must-read highlights?!

Giving away flags? Hmmm...maybe have people say how they're teaching they're children patriotism.

FerLee said...

Perhaps we have to share our most amazing moment for the to get more creative with ideas, but that's usually your department.

I got goose bumps last night when Michael won his medal. That was awesome. I love the fact that there are several alternates on the US Guys Gym team and although they're not "GREAT" they're taking up the slack and giving a great showing. Go Alternates!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

soooooooooooooo glad youre enjoying hun! latest post is on the Olymoics too but not quite as upbeat..heh

ShEiLa said...

I love the 'kodak moments' you chose for this post. You do a great job with your daily re-cap.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

POTUS is all chill... so awesome. I can not even imagine how tight his security is yet he's all kicked back.

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE this Olympic series you are doing?? In case not... I LOVE it! :)


Anonymous said...

Didn't you just L O V E what the POTUS just said Sun. night? I was crying and waving the American flag in my heart. When will we see this kind of statesmanship again...? Soul Sister.