July 31, 2008

Godiva Chocolate give-away...thanks to Saucy Sashi.

Here's the deal.
It was my Other Spouse's birthday.
Happy birthday Saucy Sashi.

I was going to go kidnap/wake her up at the butt-crack of dawn and take her to IHOP to have breakfast with a whole slue of her friends this Saturday.

She ruined that idea.

Cause apparently she needs to go celebrate her marriage to Taco Bandito Out-of-Town-by-Themselves.

Love Fest.


I only say that cause I'm so unbelievably jealous. The only time we've gone Out-of-Town-by-Ourselves-without-Crumb Snatchers, Big Shooter threw up the entire time. The. entire. time. It was a real Love Fest. A real Gag-a-Ramma too.
(Here's another famous time he said, "I think I'm gonna get sick.")

Anyway, after much fly by the seat of your pants, decision making we all threw together a quick Birthday Dinner out for her. I figured we'd go to some nicer restaurant down by the river. (Plainsville's version of San Antonio's Riverwalk) But when I called Taco to ask if he'd be available and willing to do solo kid care, I figured I'd better ask his opinion just to make sure...

Now, trying to pull one over on Sashi is like trying to give a cat a bath. So I finally just said, "BTW, Girl Child and I are coming to get you for dinner tomorrow. Taco said he'd be available for kiddos and he said Yocal-Local Mexican restaurant is your fave place. We'll be there at 6:30." She was a little caught off guard and didn't say anything more about it. Until the next morning...

When she called and casually asked if we could change locations because Taco wasn't thinking clearly when he told me Yocal-Local Mexican.... "Ummm, of course. It's your birthday. We'll go where ever you want." I was so proud. I held my self together long enough to make several phone calls that divvied up the list of people to be called since we'd be meeting in less then 8hrs.

During those few hours, she:

* informed me "to be flexible" b/c she'd spoke with Taco Bandito and "wasn't sure when or if he'd be home in time tonight. We may have to change plans." (We already did that unbeknownst to her. Thankyouverymuch.)

* decided to go shopping at Wally World for groceries 45 minutes before she needed to leave her house to meet me. 45 minutes. Wally World. 3 boys in tow. (Whuuuhh? Like your boys need to eat?! Did I mention she chose to shop at Wally World - 45 minutes before she had to leave. Just makin' sure.)

* on the way home from Wally World she called to suggest 7pm instead of 6:30. (????? I came up with the fastest lie I could. I blamed it on Big Shooter. I had to be home. Big Shooter. All his fault. She fell for it.)

When we had all arrived and got to laugh at the wrinkles, gray hair and heart palpitations she'd caused me, we landed on this fact.

Taco's been married to my Other Spouse for many, many years...and he didn't know where her fave restaurant with the girls would be. Now, to his credit, his excuse was I caught him off guard, in a crunch, unawares... so to speak.

Made me wonder. What would Big Shooter say? Did he know my fave restaurant? I mean yes, he knows the faves with the fam. The ones with him. But, what would he say if Sashi had called him for his opinion with the girls?

I asked.

He failed. Mostly.

He named several I love. A couple I don't. One I really don't. Then reminded himself it was with the girls. Let it swirl around in there a while longer...and then for his final answer threw out two I wouldn't dream of going to with the girls. If it were my choice.

I totally feel for ya Sashi. I get it girl.

21 years. Years.

Do me a favor y'all. Think up what you'd say for your lover-boy's faves and ask him what he'd say for yous.

Then, let me know.
I'm giving away some fancy chocolate to someone for their honest answer. Well, I'm giving it. I'm making Sashi choose who upon her return. I figure I'll spring that on her after Love Fest cause hopefully she'll still be all starry eyed and swooning and won't remember anything. On the other hand, I've never seen Sashi starry eyed and swooning over anything.
Anyway, you have til Sunday evening to leave a comment.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I highly doubt I'd do any better with yours. How can that be after all. these. live. long. years... and years and YEARS? Maybe we need to get to know each other a little better. Hubba, hubba.


FerLee said...

Ok...he first was like "What??? Why???" I had to explain...a night out...without the kids...just me and the girls...How HARD is this?

He's over analyzing it. Which girls...what are we wanting to do...I'm on the phone with him and he's still analyzing it. Good Grief!!!!!

Did I ever mention that he's ANAL?!?!?!

I said of him Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse or Hooters...he said of himself Hooters or Crawphappy's(if he's with one particular group), or Red Lobster/Roadhouse if with another type of group...and it depended on what they were getting together to do...see what I mean. Again, GOOOOOD Grief!!!!

Love him...really, really do...guess this is why he always asks me "Where would you like to eat?"

He answered about me "Rons, Chilis or Applebees". WRONG!!!! These are family...the kids eat here type of places. I said "Think...if I'm out with the girls with NO kids...where would I choose?" (Begin Analysis Here!!) He finally mentioned Red Lobster or Roadhouse (do you see a pattern here)...those would work. I would really have to think. I want something fun, awesomely good, perhaps a bit different than the norm, etc. etc. etc...

Is that honest enough for you yet?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Good thing you ended the post with a confession of not knowing my favorite restaurant - because I sure as heck was going to ask you! You did not even know I could not wink my right eye until last week. ;)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Woohoo! I was hoping you'd come out of Lurkdom to comment Big Shooter.
And that whole winkin' thing? I still think it's a sham.

Podcastin' Cyndi said...

I love, love, love your crazy blog! Hmmm.....his would be some sort sort of steakhouse, probably Outback? He would have no idea what restaurant would be my fave, but probably because I don't know what my favorite is! Even though I've never been, I think I'll say that my favorite would be The Melting Pot. Decidedly girlish.

Erin said...

I find this totally and completely unfair.

I have no man.

But I still enjoy chocolate.

Very much so.

Thank you.

Sheila said...

After 26+ years... if we eat in Logandale Tony's fav is VIP Chinese Restaurant. If in Vegas it's Baja Fresh. Now I need to see if I am right. I don't even know if I have a favorite??? My fav food is steak & baked potato but I like to cook it... if eating out I would say Maccayo's. Let me see if he knows that???? I'll go ask after he gets off his phone call with our son.
Be Right Back.

WomanHonorThyself said...

luvvvvvvvv the pics hun!..but the linky no worky...ya gotta fix the link to your "other spouse" if ya want us to see her..lol nice post!

Anonymous said...

After I asked my big guy and we got our questions gag-o-rama correct he said why are you asking me? I told him it was from straigh shooter and he said, "AAaahh..." I think he thought we might have been actually going out...ha! Soul Sister

ah said...

I can't say anything negative about Taco since me el spouso has only remembered one birthday out of the last five birthdays of mine. I have begun to make plans without him.

So, if you were to call him up and ask him where to take me and the girls out...I would think he would say Starbucks since that's where all of my bucks have gone lately. But, when I asked him what he would say he answered PF Changs and he's right! He knows me better than myself. Maybe the two of us should go out sometime?!?!

I was going to tell you that he would prefer an Italian restaurant and he said "no, steak."

So, there you have it. Not bad for a couple that all we have said to each other in the past ten years is "Where will you be this evening, what time does #1 get home, who has practice where and at what time, then who has #3 and 4, then who's taking #2 there at that same time, where's #5? Number 5, who's #5, we don't have a #5...oh yeah that's the neighbor kid we were suppose to take home....good night honey, talk to you again in the morning."

Actually I think I need to take hubby to someplace we would both like...hm...would have to be a chinese steakhouse...stop by a coffee shop on the way home and eat our chocolate and sip our lattes together.

Chocolate anyone?

Flea said...

See, we've been here in town for less than two years, so it would be tough for both of us. I'd look back at all the bank statements to see where the Hunny takes lunch breaks, then settle for Chipotle's and Lanna Thai for him. Maybe Ron's. I couldn't even tell you my favorites, but he might tell you Lanna Thai, and the Savoy if I'm meeting a girlfriend for breakfast. If he could remember that I've ever been to the Savoy.

We don't wind up going out together as much as we do separately, with friends. And neither of us really keeps track of that. Sad, yes.

Sarah said...

We live out in the stix, so the names will probably mean nothing to you. But if you were to ask my hubby, he would first tell you Country Kitchen. He'd be joking. All answers start with a joke. Then I hope he'd say Whiskey Creek because I like BBQ sauce. And if he's really on his game he'd say Big Bowl for chicken pad thai. I'd ask him, but he's been sucked into the black hole of a work project, and we will see him to sleep until next Thursday.

Where he'd want to go with the guys...maybe Bennigans? Or anywhere they can go and watch some sort of sporting event.

Mental note. Must plan date when The Project is over, so I can get to know him again.

Sheila said...

I didn't get right back to you...
forgot... (drama, drama, drama)

I asked today.
I was right on both of his favorites... but his guess about me WRONG... he said you like the same as me. I said NO... my favorite is wear you took me before we got married & then he guessed Maccayo's. So he had some hints.


faroutmom said...

I almost forgot to come back and post my response. Thanks for reminding us after the Dara Torres post.

I asked Dave and I had a couple of places in mind. He said he would send us to Zio's or to some Mexican place. (We haven't found a favorite here in this town yet..they just aren't the same as Plainsville Mexican) Anyway, I would say he is right about his choices. I love Italian food and we could get a few drinks and be a little loud if we wanted. Also, I would want to do something afterward, I think, since I don't go out with the girls often enough. Maybe bowling (for a few more drinks...lol) or scrapbooking since I never do that anymore. The amount of time over dinner would NOT be enough.


I said that I would send him and his friends to Ruth's Chris. A very expensive steak restaurant. If they are paying, may as well be the very best, eh? He said that I was correct!! Woo hoo!!