July 10, 2008

I failed to mention

my father and his wife, Granny M are visiting from Connecticut this week.
We have been swimming, visiting the Southern United States equivalent of Mecca (Bass Pro Shop), eating fabulous food, drinking outstanding wine, and painting ceramics.
Tomorrow is another fan-tab-u-lous day packed with fun. In light of this, I need to get some much needed sleep (It has nothing to do with the fact I found an outstanding wine and drank the bottle myself. Nothing to do with it. Not a drop. Or glass. Or several. Noth-ing.) Where was I? Oh, sleep. Yes, blessed sleep. Fluffy feather mattress cover-upper thingy. Ahhhh.
In order to allow myself to fall asleep tonight knowing I didn't write a real post for you...I'm sending you here. I promise you this - if you can come up with a more embarrassing moment I will send you a Fridays gift card to celebrate today!!! I will! I really will. I have one in my hot little hand right now just itchin' to be given away!
It involves whoo-ha-ha (that's my family friendly blog way of saying s-e-x), a remote cabin, relatives, and did I mention whoo-ha-ha? It is so stinkin' hilarious I had to call Big Shooter at work to read it to him. Then I called my mom and read it to her. They both called someone else to read it to them. Warning: don't have anything in your mouth (liquid or solid), go pee before reading, do not read in a public place where laughing out loud will be looked down upon, be prepared to blush then guffaw out loud - LOUDLY.
Go. Now. Visit Soliloquy. She'll have you in stitches. In a good way.

P.S. Seriously y'all, if you can beat Soliloquy's story and are brave enough to share a snippet with us in a comment, I'll send you this here little card and you can go sit at the bar at Friday's and bury your memories in a nice fog.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I think it's a good thing I won't remember much of tonight, tomorrow. Love you.


Leslie said...

Oh, would you not DIE? I used to not have a most embarrassing moment...until I got one. It is a doozie! I will have to blog about it and link ya ;)

faroutmom said...

LAY OFF THE SAUCE!!!!! Your links are bad, bad, bad.

That is a hilarious story. I don't really have a most embarrassing moment either. I have some humiliating ones. Nothing worth sharing though.

Sheila said...

She definitely deserves an award for this story... I don't have one that beats it.

Soliloquy said...



I'm so glad I could - um - accommodate you.

Does my most humiliating moment count as an entry?

I could get me at least three drinks to make me forget it ever happened.....

Flea said...

Her story is HYSTERICAL. OMG!!!

Hey - check out my blog Monday Morning. There'll be something there for you. :)