July 18, 2008

life in 6 words

Some time ago one of my bloggy friends did a post on their lives described in 6 words. It was probably Queen B, cause she's stinkin' hilarious. Or maybe it was Soliloquy cause she's so stinkin' hilarious. Or maybe it was Jenni, cause you guessed it - she's so stinkin' hilarious!

I don't remember where I read it.

Sheesh, I don't remember what day it is half the time!

Does anyone else have this problem?

Sorry, back to the point...what was it?

Oh yes. Describing our lives in 6 words.

Like I said, who ever it was, was stinkin' hilarious. I, on the other hand, am just looking for a quick post so I can say I did one today.

So folks, here is my life at the moment in 6 word phrases.

Big Shooter is cancer free - free!
Busy beyond any made-up nonsense words.
Loving every day with Big Shooter.
Our socks have been blessed off.
Every day is living a miracle.
Crumb Snatchers drive me bonkers daily.
I love them more than life.
JBF is consuming my cramped brain.
Loving the care-free summer fun.
Library books seem to breed overnight.
How much water could flowers need?
Simple meals - leftovers, sandwiches, fruit, pancakes.
Is chlorine green hair always reversible?
Nothing lives up to overnight camp!
Scary ice cream drivers in my neighborhood.
Swimming with friends when ever possible.
Need to buy new swimming suit.
Hate shopping for new swimming suit.
Where to buy whale size suit?
Will put off buying suit...indefinitely.
Giant salads with gorgeous, fresh colors.
Planning next year's homeschool lesson plans.
Pulling out hair over lesson plans.
Can't wait for next year's lessons!
Writing posts constantly in my head.
Convincing family posts should be shared.
Attempting to count my infinite blessings.
Loving my exact place in life.
Going crazy thinking in six words.
Gotta go get some things done.
Must. push. away. from. computer. now...

Love Note to my Big Shooter:
Can't wait to see your smile.
You are my most favorite thing.
Reminder- it is Friday-hubba, hubba.
I am counting the minutes down.
You make ordinary days, not ordinary.
You will forever by my hero.
I am nauseous from this sappiness.


Sheila said...

You are an amazing woman. I admire anyone that can successfully homeschool their children because I could never do it. I have met a bunch of people than home school but don't do a good job and I can see that you are different.

FerLee said...

"Reminder- it is Friday-hubba, hubba."


Only us Nutty Fluffers can truly understand the meaning of this "Six Word Sentence"!!!! You GO girl!!!!

FIL said...

Hey SweetDIL,

Remember WHAT ?

Love ya


Soliloquy said...

Loving your blog and loving YOU!

(six words!)

faroutmom said...

miss you so much...let's crop!

(also 6 words)

faroutmom said...

me again...was just on my old blog and noticed that I still get people coming from your blog to mine. Thanks for that, however, can you update me to the new blog addy? Thanks man, I love ya!!

Flea said...

You are stinkin' hilarious!