July 7, 2008

They survived without Momma

I couldn't title it "...without us or ...without their parents" b/c out of all four of us I was the only one doing any missin' of any kind.
The verdict of church camp:
They are back.
They didn't miss us.
They can't wait to go back.
Here's a little glimpse of camp.

This is the face she had after divulging the "super, duper, top secret secret". They "raided the kitchen late at night." When I asked her what she ate, she answered, "Everyone had a handful of chips, a glass of punch and a few cookies the cooks left out in case anyone raided the kitchen."
Hmmm...I'd say that camp cook is one smart cookie!

Singing silly camp songs.
Putting on their "homemade skit" for us. It was titled Gravity Hurts. The stars were penguirls - half penguins / half girls...

Apparently some foot sniffin' went on on a regular basis.

The best news came the day before we picked them up. They both had come to a decision about their faith and both wanted to be baptised as an outward symbol of their decision before they left.

All the camp staff gathered for the event and afterwards, all prayed for these two precious souls while the angels sang a song of love for them.

Getting hugs from their individual counselors afterwards.

Getting love and hugs from her other mother - Saucy Sashi.

This picture sums up camp.
Shining eyes.
Constant smile.
Happy heart.
Fun in the sun.
and Forever memories.

Until next year...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you. Just thank you.


Anonymous said...

Glad the kids had a wonderful time.....I will tell them..welcome back...day after tomorrow....did you tell them "Bonnie and Clyde are headed their way? Did you tell the kids that you stayed indoors for the four days they we "Gone" and utterly unrepresentable to answer the door even for a local politician seeking help????

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

No to all of the above...but, thanks for letting everyone know. Appreciate your thoughtful descretion.

Sheila said...

This camp looks like too much fuN. Not like the kind I attended. We never had a pool or cabins... we slept in a tent, had cold showers, hiked to use the toilet. I am so glad that they had a fantastic time. ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

Soliloquy said...


1. What is up with Big Shooter's response? SPILL!!

2. Were you a little bummed that you didn't get to be there when your kids were baptized?

Darcie said...

Yep, it's official. You're my kind of gal. Get used to me; you'll be seeing lots of me around here.

tracy said...

They look like they were having soooo much fun!
My husband has huge fantastic memories of summer camp...he went from perpetual camper to years as a consellor- luvvvved it! He swears it made him the man- and parent- he is today.
I feel like I totally missed something!
... and, if ya can figger, I'm too chicken to send my own kids!

Pat said...

I knew they'd have a blast. Tell the crumb snatchers congratulations from me on their baptism.

Flea said...

Oh what fun!