July 13, 2008

Family Hoorah Ends

Got wet quite often while my Dad and his wife GrannyM visited.
Swimming, rain, more swimming, and more rain...

Meet Shark Boy a.k.a. Crumb Snatcher #1 or Boy Child.

Meet Dad a.k.a. Boss, Joe from Joe's Mule Barn, and Sir.

Meet GrannyM.

Now you see her...

...now you don't!

Meet Miss Rump Roast. This is usually all I see while she is in the pool. The Girl Child is a fish, I tell ya!

Our visitors Flew the Coop early yesterday mornin'.

By early I don't mean Crack of Dawn early.

I mean Butt Crack of Dawn early.

Grand Fun was had by all.

They are missed.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Again, just Thank You. You are my glue, my rock, my Prince Charming, my whipping boy. My whipping boy??? RRrrrr...I like the sound of that one!


FerLee said...

Hubby wants to know what the difference is in "Crack of Dawn" and "Butt Crack of Dawn". (I think he's been up at butt crack of dawn...he just doesn't know it!)

I'm so glad you had such a grand time. I need to come by and get Bubba's pillow. He's missing it big time!!!

Till later...

Sheila said...

I am glad you survived your company. I love to go places... I love to have people come visit. However, it is always so nice to get back to my own bed and it's even better getting back to my regular routine when company goes home. ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

Flea said...

You're so funny. :) Glad you're enjoying all this rain. :)