July 22, 2008

Be back shortly.

The Love of my Life is having a small surgery today.
* Nothing serious.
* We are hoping to get to the bottom of the nausea & upchucking business.
* I'll get back to y'all ASAP.
* Sorry we didn't share earlier. Since it's not a big deal, we weren't going to mention it...that was before I didn't have a thing for a post.

Now I do. Now you know.

And Big Shooter is not going to be a Happy Camper about it.


Love Note to my Big Shooter: ...(big breath)...(big sigh)...Does it ever get old being told over and over how you amaze me with your attitude? One more time Babycakes, you amaze me. Now, let's go get your gullet and guts checked out.

We are back home. BS is under strict begging/pleading (from me) to take it easy, rest, relax, veg for the rest of the day. He says he doesn't need to. He feels fine and needs to clean the AC coils, spray weeds and finish the engine cover for his boat...


Anonymous said...

The ole story of the Hammer and the nail. BS is taking it with a grin...getting hammered again today...Good Luck
God Bless

Your yesterday's blog was thought provoking...without a million words...in answer to where the this country is going...Keep in mind..politicians..no matter what comes from their mouths...DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES..like most of us.... politicians work for a corporation which takes care of their own and loyal...the politician corporation's name is "The Party!"
The average Joe, who wants to believe and to trust, may think he belongs..he doesn't..only a select few actually "Belong"...Joe is a foot soldier and a vote..here is where Joe comes in.. The major objective and total focus for all parties is to divide the populous and count on the competitiveness of Americans to dislike and BEAT the other party...at all cost! Joe carries the message for his pseudo membership, "getting the vote out" and donating money. In doing so, NO ONE is held accountable for issues and or governing! Just spin!
Interesting...last Thursday...McCain was on tour.. took questions and a reporter inquired of a vote McCain had recently cast in the Senate... the reporter asked, Did you vote for the people of the United States or for your party? McCain was awe struck, I watched and I counted 1-2-3 before he said "we" have always represented the people. Hooray for that reporter! Probably fired by now but...
And McCain gets my vote...the best of two bad choices. Politicians work for the their Party. Like the reporter I hope Americans start asking some tough questions and then hold all politicians responsible on voting day! Okay...that's off my chest now! And in print! Yikes!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Good luck today with the surgery! I hope it goes well.

faroutmom said...

Thinking of you all! Update us when you can. I hope this fixes things for good.

FerLee said...

Praying for you BS...let us know how it goes!!!

Leslie said...

Praying for you all today...man you are setting some kind of record for surgeries in a year!

ThatGirl said...

hope all goes well ;)

Sheila said...

I hope all is oK.
I pray the nausea & upchucking goes away & for good... for BS sake. You will have to give us more details... if it is OK with BS. ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

Flea said...

Glad he's home. :)