July 22, 2008

Warning Girls: Ewwww...ewwww!

I am not kidding around when I say, "Ewwww..." and then "Double Ewwww!" This post is gonna solidify the term Buy American in your mind for-evah! Guaranteed.

What is it you ask?
Yes, I said con-doms.
Some are new and some are thought to be...ahem...recycled.
No. I am not kiddin' around.
I checked.
snopes.com: Condom Hair Bands
It's true.
Be careful out there Girls. It really is a dangerous world.
Who in their right mind thought we could ever catch a STD from fixing our hair.
Next time Big Shooter says he's going to tell Girl Child she can get prego holding hands...well, maybe I won't scoff...quite so loudly. By that time, who knows what they'll be using to make a girl's necessities.
Now, go have a nice day knowin' I have your back.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I am so grossed out right now I can't think of anything to say. All that keeps going through my mind is, "I am sooo glad Girl and I have short hair..." Oh yeah, and you (like always) were a fine example again today. Love you big guy.


FerLee said...

So where did they buy these??? That's totally disgusting...but I've never seen hair bands look like that out of the package. Sweetpea loves hair things so I would love to avoid finding these somewhere...anywhere.

David said...
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David said...

um. hmm. that's interesting. gives new meaning to pony "tail"

faroutmom said...

oops...that is me up there...not david. hate it when he messes with my computer.

Fawn said...

yucka poo

Sheila said...

oh gross. never would have guessed. I guess this post is a good reason to watch out & research how your hair thingy's are made before you buy them.
i was going to say
oh goody... buy goody.
(it is a 'rubber'-maid company though... the name is a little scary) ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

GROSS! This is awful.

Flea said...

Oh. My WORD. EW EW EW!!!!!