June 8, 2008

Thanks all for reading this little blog.
All three of you.


Flea said...

All three of us, huh? Congratulations! You don't look 200.

Sheila said...

what a very silly gal!
I know you have more than 3 people that check out this blog... I have found that not many like to leave comments though. Thanks for being supportive... & yes I know where Tonopah is. My Dad worked out at the [test site] for years. He would commute home on the weekends.
Its about a 3.5 hour drive on a very lonely desolate road, except for the cows that seem too wander out into traffic.
toodles, Sheila

Jennifer said...

Woo Hoo...200...will you still be going this strong for 2,000???

Flea said...

Look! All three of us commented! Bwahahah!