June 6, 2008

Crumb Snatcher #2 Speak

Over heard in a conversation with her brother:
"How many spars have I won? Well, let me think about that. Over my whole karate career I haven't lost one yet..."
Her karate career has been approximately 10ish weeks.


While in a conversation with me:
"I just love my sympathy card," referring to her neon pink cast with a loving glance. "It allows me to say things I normally wouldn't."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Your daughter will treasure her Saturday Morning Manicures with you. You are doing all the good & right Daddy things to instill her with your love. My prayer is she finds someone just like you. "Are you listening God? I want her to marry her Daddy...just not in an Arkansas kinda way."


Sheila said...

Oh your crumbsnatchers say the darnest things... how fast kids learn. They try to sound so grown-up. My whole karate career & the sympathy card... just great! I wonder where she learned those things???? ÜÜÜÜÜÜ

Flea said...

I want a sympathy card! That's hilarious!

Soliloquy said...

Arkansas kind of way..... you're KILLING me!

Jennifer said...

The karate comment was hilarious!!! She doesn't have a brother in karate to beat her up. You should see the boys spar. It's a toss up to see who wins and who yells the loudest.