June 13, 2008

Our daughter - the fish

I'd be willing to bet Big Shooter's other kidney it was a Momma who finally invented the waterproof casts.

The truth is she's not suppose to be in water above her waist without a life vest.

Since she can't swim with the cast and all.
Or dive... Or swim in the deep end.
This is a perfect pose for her thus far for her summer.
She is swimming like a fish with that one arm.
It is going to be made of steel by the time that cast comes off.


Anonymous said...

Go Girl!

FIL said...

Hey SweetDIL, Told you that you can only tell she has a broken arm is because of that pink thing on it. She was in the water three days after she broke it. But still no wetter than she and #1 got me at lost river.

Love you more than tomato soup

Flea said...

A one armed fish would swim in circles, wouldn't it?