June 15, 2008

I repeat, we are NOT keepin' him!

Have I ever mentioned our knack for accidentally finding/enticing strays?

The excuse, "It just jumped in my car!" never really held any credence with Big Shooter. That was until one very rainy night he saw they really do just jump in our vehicles. Albeit, the door was opened for that particular dog. But, still. It jumped into my car.

And now it/she lives happily ever after with a certain Indy Car Racing Fan I know.

We have had a whole parade of strays through the years. There was the hugely prego Miss Kitty. An injured opossum. A giant lake clam named Shelly (a story unto itself for another time). A certain gentle giant named Jack. A sweet, little, black dog that Big Shooter actually wanted to keep...the list goes on and on.

And now? Well, now we taken in...

teeny, tiny, precious Buttercup. And we are NOT keepin' him.

Buttercup is a boy. He just doesn't know it.

By the way, that's Girl Child's shoe. Not Big Shooter's. I didn't want you to miss the point that he is teeny, tiny and very helpless. And we're NOT keepin' him..

Even though he's made himself at home.

Right at home.

We're NOT keepin' him.


Sheila said...

it looks like
your keeping him
to me.
toodles, Sheila

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sheila...no more to say...Nice necklace on BS!
Reinventing oneself?

Jennifer said...

AWE....I love him...he's so adorable. Honestly I'd love another one, but I think my dear hubby would have a cow.

Are you REALLY getting rid of him?????? Call me before you do just in case!!!!!

trixiefan said...

Wanna bet??

Queen B said...

It's called denial. You're keeping him.

Flea said...

You are SO keeping him. Adorable. If my Aussies were cat haters, I'd come snatch him up. Since you're not keeping him and all.

S. A. Merritt said...

"Are, too!"
What a cute (and lucky) kitty :)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I bet he is named by now... :-)

The Fritz Facts said...

Looks a little like you are keeping him...he still there? So cute.