June 12, 2008

Gimme Five!

I love memes. I don't know why they're called memes, but I love to read them on all the blogs I visit. I got tagged a while back from Tess at Pardon Our Poo and just yesterday from The Good Flea with the same meme. So now you get to know 30 more more titillating facts about me. I know you are waiting with baited breath so I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
* I was 6 months into my third pregnancy.
* I had just finished my 7th year of teaching 3rd grade in rural Oklahoma.
* I was a happy TINK. (two income no kids)
* My favorite past time was tent camping with Big Shooter and our 2 Great Pyrs.
* Blissfully unaware of how my life was going to be forever changed.

5 things on my to do list for today:
* Teach the Crumbs.
* Lose 75 lbs.
* Dishes & Laundry
* Re-pot some flowers.
* Enjoy last Friday of convalescence with Big Shooter.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
* Take very good care of my entire family.
* Take very good care of several non-profits.
* Take very good care of a few investors and brokers.
* Take very good care of the employees working at the world's best fat farm.
* Take every opportunity to help others.

5 of my bad habits:
* Procrastination
* Drinking out of the milk jug.
* Playing Chicken with the fuel gage in the car.
* Staying up waaaay too late.
* Reading just one more blog.

5 places I have lived:
* Twin Falls, Idaho * Chicago, Illinois * Elko, Nevada * Tulsa, Oklahoma * Plainsville, USA

5 jobs I have had:

*Hallmark Clerk *Field Crew Boss * Mail Schlepper * 3rd Grade Teacher *Momma

5 People I Want to Know More About:
I would love to tag a few of you I'd love to know more about so here goes.
I'd love to get to know more about the new Auntie Erin from My Own Little Corner. Two of my girlfriends who are my scrappin' buddies.- Andrea from Our li'l Farley Blog and Jen from Trav Family Doin's. The brand spankin' new Grammy in Nevada Sheila from the King Klan. And last, the hilarious author of The Home Team Wins!


Sheila said...

I did one of these June 6th (posted on my blog) but they are not identical... so I will answer the ones on your meme that are different from the one I already did. I loved reading yours. Today can I please lose 75 pounds with you? That is offically on my things to do today. What do I have to do to make that happen? Last night at WW weigh-in I gained .8, that was the .8 that I lost the week before... so depressing, but I'll keep on tryin'!
toodles, Sheila

The Diaper Diva said...

Crazy world, I have "lose 75 pounds" on today's to-do list, too. I'll be sure to let you know how well that goes, lol.

Flea said...

How do you plan to lose 75 pounds in a day? Are you leaving one of the crumb catchers somewhere indefinitely?

Andrea said...

I will get right on that meme in the morning, probably...I can't log in to my blog tonight for some reason.

When you get around to losing 75 lbs. today, post an update and let me know how you did it. I would like to see if it works.

Jennifer said...

I have finally fulfilled my friend obligation!!!! My meme is on my blog my dear.

{Karla} said...

I loved reading more about you!! So much I don't know about you. (I used to be a teacher too)

And I am totally gonna pretend that you didn't say that you drink out of the milk jug. ;0)

xo ~ K