June 16, 2008


Little, teeny, weeny, adorable Buttercup is on his way to be Leo...or maybe Lola today.

Unfortunately, I wasn't kiddin' when I said we're not keeping him. Boy child is allergic to cats.

We gave it a whirl. Apparently, after 48 hours he would require Benadryl intravenously to live in the same house as a cat.

Since we spend a fair amount of time at home with schoolin' and all my Super Savior girlfriend Jen graciously/thankfully/with hardly any pleadin' & beggin' agreed to adopt the precious Wee One.

If he is truly a boy (we had a some what of a cat whisperer identify the sex cause apparently when they are so young their...ahem, appendages/packages...identifiables are not very identifiable yet). Anyway, if he's truly a boy - his new name will be Leo. However, if he turns out to be a she - her new name will be Lola. I love that name. I should have named Girl Child Lola. It can sound fun. Lola! Like, La Vida Loca! Or sexy. Low-la. Or ordinary Girl-Next-Door. Lola La-tee-da.

Jen will not be able to officially call him anything until tomorrow's vet visit. She suffers from MGI. Mistaken Gender Identity. Her current resident feline's original name was Charity...that has now been corrected. He's been de-pinkified and is now called Charlie. His Identifiables were unidentifiable at the time of the original christening.

I'm sure she'll keep us updated and informed on Buttercup/Leo/Lola's status in the comments.

***Update*** Buttercup is now Leo - the Blue Tabby Cat. He is loving life in his new digs with very cool toys and a doting Momma.

Love Note to My Big Shooter: Big day today going back to the Slave Ship. As usual, not a word of complaint or worry when you came home exhausted. Just concern for your family's well-being. You are a saint. My saint. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I love a Good cat story!
BS returning to work is another major step in his wellness program and exhausted is probably an understatement. Be very careful with after work plans...he needs to rest...been there done that..and "that" wasn't the correct "that!"
Say hi to the kids....if they still live with you!

Soliloquy said...

You must love your son a lot to give up that precious, if not gender confused, feline.

Funny. At least y'all will be able to visit!

FerLee said...

Lovin' life...right now Mr. Leo is laying on my chest just a snoozin' away. He meows in the most pathetic way if I even try to remove him to another location. Spoiled...yep, and lovin' it!!!!

Fawn said...

Don't know ya, but man you're a hoot!

Sheila said...

glad that you found Leo the buttercup a great home... no need to kill the kid to spare the cat when you have wonderful friends.