June 4, 2008

A girl + her dog + a rock = a neon pink cast

Oh how she loves this dog!

He is her doll, her confidante, her companion, her friend and the cause of this..Kinda. In a round about way.

Our first morning at the lake with Grandpa Lyle (FIL) she and I were cuddling on the sofa watching the lake and reading. The BDP needed to go out and potty so out she went with him on a leash. The next thing I hear is her "Olliver Scream". When ever the beloved little beast some how manages to free himself of human control my Girl Child freaks. That is the only word I can use. You'd think she was having her toenails pulled off one by one when you hear it. I think she thinks he will just keep running and never look back. No matter how much try we cannot seem to make her understand he knows he's got it good and will never leave his Momma. Anyway, I being the oh so caring mother, slowly got up and went out on the deck to see what the problem was. She stopped screaming before I reached the door so when I stepped out there and didn't see anything I stood there and enjoyed the beauty for a minute or two before I realized I could still hear something. I couldn't place it. But it was not the Olliver Scream so I wasn't too concerned. After a few minutes the sound registered. Crying.
I went to the front and found her standing in the driveway crying her little eyes out, blood dripping down her front. Now a normal woman would have been snapped right into Mommahood and dashed out to help her. Did I? Nope.
I don't think I'll ever even be in the running for the Last Place of Mother of the Year.
You see, she is my daughter through and through so I don't know if it's really that bad or Drama making all that racket.
My solution: Get her in the house, wake Daddy and let him decide. You know, he doesn't need any extra rest or stress-free living at this point of his life. He needs to get up at 6:30 AM to calm his offspring, clean-up and ascertain the injury. Right?
Poor guy. This is how my brain works when I know there is injury, skin trauma, blood involved. It just goes to mush. That's why I married him. He's awesome in emergencies.
While I sneak out of the room with the lame excuse of getting Band-Aids he takes a look see and pronounces a trip to the ER. Do I snap into Concerned Momma? Again, nope. Instead I ask, "Really? You think it's that bad?"
Good one Momma.
He nods and heads to get some clothes on.
He's transformed from Lone Kidney Man to Daddy instantly.
Boy Child and I get the car ready with pillows, blankets and ice packs and off they go into the sunrise...
Big Shooter calls a few hours later to tell me the news. "Yep, it's broke. Both bones. She needs to see an orthopedic surgeon in the next few days."
Mommahood? Nope.
I say, "Reeeally? A couple days? That will be Saturday and Sunday." Not, "Oh! I feel so horrible for her. Please let me speak to her so I can apologize for not being more loving and concerned." Nope. Worried about the weekend instead. Someone please remind me again why was I allowed to have these precious children?
Big Shooter is already on it. He informs me he already has an appointment with our pediatrician and they'll cast it there. Good Daddy. Bad Mommy.
He does find out though they don't cast breaks...they send you on to orthopedic surgeons. Which they did. After charging him for a visit.
Since they had several hours to kill between appointments he took her on a date. Lunch and a movie.
Good Daddy. Bad Mommy.
They had to set her bones while casting it. He was Good Daddy. Thank God cause I most definitely would have been Worse Mommy had I gone and tried to be Good Mommy to begin with.
They returned to the lake 11 hours and 50 minutes after they'd left.
My FIL told his son to "never do that to him again". He was referring to Big Shooter leaving him with me all the live long day. I am choosing to believe it was because I drove him crazy with my pacing and worried demeanor...
This is what Olliver and the rest of my family think of that...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I am so very glad you are Mr. Safety. I am so glad you are always so calm. I am so glad you know what to do. I am so glad you are the Daddy.


Sheila said...

That story is quite a doozy. Ouch! Broke both bones... wow. I am a basket case when my kids get hurt. I think it is so sweet that BS took such great care of his little girl. I remember when my son Ted was in the recovery room after surgery and he was screaming for me I knocked down a couple nazi nurses just to get to him. Don't mess with the mamma. I think you are a great Mother, just maybe not so good with the emergency stuff. Not everyone is blessed with the same strengths... that was God's intention... that way we would have to rely on someone other than ourselves. toodles, sheila

FIL said...

Hey SweetDIL,
Forgot to tell um B stuck me with you, #1 and #2 all day at silver dollar city. #1 and #2 talked me into going down the lost river. WOW I could have jumped in and stayed drier. You knew how wet I'd get and stood by and let it happen.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness. So will she have to have surgery? Or did a surgeon just have to examine and set it? Noah and Hannah want to sign her cast...I think we will skip the 5 hour drive to do that, though. Give her a hug from us, and give yourself one, too. You are a great mom, stop being so hard on yourself.

FIL--you could have had it worse...it could have just been you and the snatchers...what trouble might you have seen then?

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Dearest FIL,
I recall saying, "Are you sure about going on this? You're gonna get a little wet...". Then I called you while you were in line to say, "You'd better leave your phone in your cart so it wouldn't get too wet..." Hmmm. Maybe it was that Selective Man Hearing thing?

Flea said...

So HOW ON EARTH did she actually break her arm, woman? :)

Jennifer said...

Umm...I hate to tell her this, but I think she may be out of karate for the rest of the summer???!!! I'm so sorry Bit...but I've got a COOL silver Sharpie that I can use on that bright pink cast. You can't have a broken arm without a Travnicek signature now can you!!!???