June 12, 2008

Technical Difficulty Survivor

All modes of communication in our humble abode are ridiculously (Big Shooter please read this as ingeniously) all wrapped up together. Therefore when one goes, they all go.

The speed/concern shown in addressing/fixing the communication problem depends solely on a certain person's well-being.

For instance, several days ago I mentioned a problem I was experiencing while on the net to this certain person. His response was a nonchalant shrug and something about a "little glitch" that probably needed to work it self out.

A few days ago when one of the Crumbs got off the phone and casually mentioned it was acting weird, that certain person pretended to not hear the concern and continued happily staring at his boob tube.

Welllll...that all came to a screeeeching halt Monday when (GASP) it all went awry...including the blessed-life-line: cable.

I am truly not sure which is worse to allow my children to witness: Their father's cable withdrawals or having his toenails plucked one by one?

When the first wail hit my ears - I ignored it and continued reading my smut book. When the gnashing of teeth started I nonchalantly shrugged and said, "It's a little glitch...I'm sure it will work itself out Love." (insert evil chuckle here please)

All I can say is "Thank you God for the precious angel you sent in the form of a cute, polite, young man in a Cox uniform." Not only did Big Shooter become rational and calm again, but I thoroughly enjoyed looking, in mean conversing with Derek too.

Not all time was lost because of lack of communications. Much to Big Shooter's chagrin the world did not come to an end.

We did some much needed yard work.
Planted some nice flowers and pots.
Enjoyed the latest rainstorm together on the porch.
Wrote some overdue, heartfelt Thank Yous.
Started a new Uno Attack tourney.
Washed the dog.
And I started and finished this man book.

(It rocked, by the way. Great break from my normal smut books.)

All said and done, I'd say it was a pretty good way to spend the last few days together. After all, Big Shooter's convalescence is over on Monday. Back to the Slave Ship for him.

And normalcy for the Crumbs and me.


FIL said...

SweetDIL, Sounds like things are getting back to normal.I knew once he got to feeling better you would see the old B.( and the old you)

Have a great day
Love you more than tomato soup

Anonymous said...

As FIL comments...getting back to...well...same ole!
but...what has my attention is your reading material...I soon will be introducing you to Nelson DeMille...must read from his first book through his 16th.

Sheila said...

Your COX guys name is Derek, huh? I am glad you enjoyed the eye candy. The book sounds fantastic, but so does that rain storm you said you watched from your front porch... I love rain and wish I got to enjoy it more often. I guess I shouldn't be living in the desert. I am so proud that you can sit calm and say... It's a little glitch...I'm sure it work itself out... but that chuckle I inserted was evil indeed. You are awesome girlfriend.
toodles, Sheila

Andrea said...

OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! We love, love, love Uno Attack! Uno Attack is gonna gitcha...you might get no cards, you might get eight!