June 21, 2008

Frying pan is sounding good about now

I 've noticed in the past year or so a vast decline in my own and Big Shooter's memory capacity. One of us will be in the midst of telling the other some vital piece of information or hilarious story about our day when the one listening will say something like, "You've told me this before...like 3 times...". The one re-telling the account gets the same puzzled, incredulous look and always asks, "Really?" To which the punch line or important info is revealed to unbelieving and shocked ears.

Lately, I've realized the drugs/organ removal/cancer trauma/something has drastically affected what little capacity Big Shooter had left. He seems to be having difficulty remembering one conversation to the next. Let alone who the Crumbs and I are...

A recent conversation went like this.
Me: "Love, we'll be ready to go in just a few minutes..."
BS: "Go? Where?"
Me: "The pool... Remember, you called me and said you were coming home to have lunch and then go swim with us?"
BS: ?????? "Wow. Really?"
Me: Yes. (pause) You're gettin' really bad...what's up?
BS: Very matter of factly he shrugged and reminded/informed me, "I had cancer," like that made perfect sense.
Me: "Oh! Of course...that makes perfect sense. So...what do you think my excuse is?"
BS: Without a moment's hesitation and as matter-of-factly as could be he reminded/informed me, "You're insane."

It took him a few seconds for his brain to register, "Yes. I just said that out loud. And she heard me..." He just stood there with a deer in the headlight look.

The heavy, thick silence could have been cut with a knife. A butcher knife. Or an ax. Or a frying pan, for those of you who remember that little helpful piece of advice...

The good thing for him is - I guarantee he's already forgotten the whole conversation.

How about you all. How's your memory these days?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thanks for not forgetting all the little details of our courtship. It melts my heart whenever you recount a moment for me or the Crumbs...choke, sputter, GAG.


Erin said...

you are so stinkin hilarious.

FIL said...

Whos BS ?

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Forgetful.....Not me...but by the by...Sissy's get well cards and FIL's Connecticut Lobster magnet are going out tomorrow..three weeks late....I didn't really forget..just...ah..busy...yes..verybusy!

Christine said...

These conversations are daily occurrances in our house. I just told Pete yesterday: starting right this minute, until we've been married 50 years and beyond, you can NEVER get mad at me for reminding you about something.

But I'm sure I'll have to remind him of THAT conversation.

FerLee said...

"How's your memory these days?"

What, huh, I don't remember.

If we don't write it down going to the store it doesn't get got.

Oh, but here's the real kicker; we wrote down 409 like 2 weeks ago...been to the store like 5 times since then...just got it yesterday.

How's that for remembering.

Flea said...

Yer both just getting old. Heh. My memory's doing the same durn thing.

Sheila said...

You can't use the cancer card when you are cancer free... for me it Alzeimers Sometimers. Sometimes I use Alzeimers as an excuse. I think the speed at which my brain registers the inforamtion I hear has slowed significantly... and I have two kids that get pissed and don't like to repeat themselves... their loss... not mine!