June 23, 2008

Seeking Advice

The Crumb Snatchers are headed off to camp in a few days and I am full of queasiness.

I did not cry when either of my babies walked into their first days of school and joined the rest of the grown-up kids.

But the morning of the older child's maiden camp day...buckets and buckets. So much so, he pleaded with me the whole way there to '"get a hold of myself" before anyone saw me. He turned into the adult. Saying things like, "It's only for the day Mommee. You are going to come get me at 5:00 every day. I am a swimmer Mommee, I won't drown. Our counselors are trained with First Aid and CPR... You're gonna be fine, Mommee."

He was right of course. He and I both had a grand week. He with his buddies. I with my precious Girl Child doing girl child things.

The next year when she was old enough (by my personal standards, not theirs) I dropped her off with neither a tear or a glance back...that she knew of. I, of course had already grilled her counselors prior to the date. She ended the week by pronouncing it "the greatest week of my life". She was serious and I have heard nothing other than this summer's camp.

That would be because this summer it is... gulp...bigger gulp...overnight...several overnights.

Boy Child has a buddy going. I am not concerned in the slightest. Male bonding. Ugh. Ugh.

Girl Child. Well, she I am concerned about. Her BFF had to back out because of health issues. I immediately went into overdrive trying to find someone else or talk Girl Child into something else. No go. When I and Big Shooter voiced our concerns about not having a buddy, she said she'd make one. When we fretted over other's naturally excluding her because they'd have their camp buddy, she informed us she knows that may happen and she'll find herself a buddy. When we pulled out the Big Gun and said, "What about the nights? Sleeping with a bunch of strangers? All alone?" She informed me they wouldn't be strangers for very long. True enough with her personality. "And" she added, "what if there is another little girl there all by herself and God wants me to be her friend?" Nothing like being shot between the eyes with your daughter's bazooka.

So, she's going. By herself.

And I'm trying not to freak out.

This all leads me to a couple questions for you all since you always give such great advice.

1. What kind of "special extras" do I pack? Other than the items the camp requests of course. Which are the basics: bathing suit, back pack, bible, sunscreen, Off, icky shoes, etc. There's a Camp Store. Their Grammie sent them some rainy day $ so I am putting it in for them. I am sending them each an address book for them to receive in the mail the first day. But, that's about it. My mind is dry.

2. What are your or possibly your kid's favorite camp memories so I may glean some insight?

Thanks all. I'll let you know mid next week how it went.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Honestly, I don't have one tonight. Shootin' it straight? I am hoppin' fire mad at him at the moment. Let's see...something positive? I know! He's breathing nicely. ...for now anyways.


Anonymous said...

"It's CAMP!" Not boot CAMP! Let um go in peace! Let them have a clean guilt free get away! Speaking of clean.... Start cleaning the house...Granny "M" and I will be there in two weeks!

Fawn said...

I love your Dad. Can he be my Dad too?

Sorry, no advice from this stranger. Sounds like you've already given her what she needs...a great sense of self worth, confidence, and social skills. Be proud.

FIL said...

Wow SweetDIL,
If I were them, I'd stay home...Wouldn't be worth it to me.
Maybe you should let sissy take over, shes making little more sense to me.

Love you more than tomato soup.


Sheila said...

pack a family photo for each... and if they have a favorite snuggle item... stuffed animal or blankey. (also a surprise favorite treat is good)
my favorite memory... camp songs
We are the spider fighters
We use our flash-e-lighters
We knock em to the ground
We squish their guts around
We pull off all their legs
We gather up their eggs
We put em in a bunch
and have a dandy lunch!
(that was just one example)
She will be oK... they both will just make sure that she doesn't have a twin sister from a far off country that is going to the summer camp too... or they might play a trick on you... remember Parent Trap? Just joking. Oh, and for yourself... do something that you never get to do with the snatchers around... & treasure the moment. ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

THE ROOST said...

what about a little package of wet-wipes? My kids always came back spiritually refreshed and that was reason enough right there!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Thanks so much for the great suggestions Roost and Sheila! I REALLY appreciate them. They giggled and fell over themselves with your song Sheila. And wet wipes! GREAT idea!!

faroutmom said...

probably on the camp list, but sunscreen and a water bottle on a string to carry around with them.

We just finished with Twilight Camp for Hannah and the water bottle was invaluable to her. It was a Girl Scouts thing, so her sit-upon came in quite handy also.

Flea said...

LOL!!! Hope you and BS get straight soon. Been there, done that, way too many times.

Your girl will be JUST FINE. Send them with the basics. Camp is great. She's a strong one, your girl.

My favorite camp memory was when one of the counselors caught a huge rat snake. It was the first time I'd ever touched or held a snake. DEFINITELY not my last. Loved it. And the stories told at meals. Still tell them to my own kids and others.