June 3, 2008

...oh, and by the way, her cast is neon pink...

While we were away from civilization, several questions cropped up. So while I'm waiting for my already-super-missed-FIL to send me some great pix to post, I figured I'd offer some answers to some and comments on others.

Starting with the hunting post.

* I was raised surrounded by hunters. It was Idaho after all. What have I shot? Only deer, pheasants, ducks, rabbits, rock chucks, and crows. Do the kids hunt? No. They are just getting their first taste of BB guns thanks to my dad, Grandpa-in-Connecticut. You can enjoy that experience here in "You'll shoot your eye out!"

* My sweet girl Eula Mae did not ever get a driver's license because she is from the long ago era when wives didn't really leave their houses or neighborhoods. If she went some where or needed something her sweet hubby Norman did all the driving.

* You may (or not) have noticed I edited the music. It is no longer Auto Start. From now on, if you'd like to listen to it you'll need to go to the bottom and turn it on. Thanks for all your comments and opinions about it.

* The update on Big Shooter's Crackberry is that he has a "new" one. However, it is not new new. It is an older version like he had before the "new, shapely, racy and CURVY girl" he fell so hard for. His withdrawals have been curbed, but they are not cured. I think the only cure will be a shiny, new Redhead.

* The update on Big Shooter himself is Dr. Kangaroo said he is no longer experiencing any more side effects from surgery. So the nausea is caused from some thing else. He suggested we go back to the GI doctor who diagnosed the cancer to begin with. So we are waiting to see him now. BS is eating this time around. Just very small amounts. That's better than before.

* No, Big Shooter did NOT go to Silver Dollar City with us! He still gets worn out very easily. He got left behind to find his own mischief...more on that later.

Now that we are back to civilization (Internet) I will be able to post some pix of the past few days visit from our already-super-missed-FIL...

and by the way, Girl Child broke her arm at 6:30 AM the first morning we were gone.

It involved the Brain Dead Pug and 3 different doctors' offices...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thanks for putting up with me when I have a horrible case of self-imposed Sleep Depravation with a side of the Meanies. You are a Prince of the Highest Order.


Anonymous said...

Tell Sissy to save some signing room on her cast for Granny M and me....See ya on 7/12

Leslie said...

Oh No. Poor thing. I am so sorry. (Cute cast though!)We will continue to pray for the mister and his doctors. I think it is time for a medical break for you all!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Leslie...no more medical STUFF for you guys. You're due a break. Hope you had a great time. Looking forward to some pictures.

Sheila said...

Nothing like a broken arm to start your adventures... I might have taken it as an omen and headed home. Three doctors offices... was that their ineptness or your intution about finding the right place? I hope the G-doc finds out the problem with your man... and I am hoping for the simple solution.
toodles, Sheila

Flea said...

Your poor girl! Doodle a little flea on her cast for me, will ya?

Andrea said...

hmmm...nice cast #2. Thanks for the updates.

I hope the arm story comes soon...not nice to show pictures like that and not include the story.