February 19, 2008

Pros vs. Cons

When it comes to Jack...

Here's my list of pros and cons.
Let me know what you think?

20 lbs of dog food a week instead of 5.

Massive amounts of slobber.

BIG piles.

Gas for the Gas Hog a.k.a. the Excursion to haul big dog around.

$30-$50 for grooming compared to...free in the tub for Olliver!

Extra $$$ for Manly Dog Toys...Olliver's are all shredded now.


Lots of unexpected excercise!

Tons of slobbery kisses.

Olliver is in Hog Heaven.

Crumb Snatchers are in Hog Heaven.

He came trained.

He is very protective of the Snatchers.

He already loves us.

We already love him.

#2 gave him a middle name.

He plays like a giant, gentle puppy.

He pouts.

He smiles.

He winks.

He filled a hole we didn't know was still there.

and then there's these...


Jennifer said...

UMMM...is there any question. Sometimes we just got to say "what the hey" and do it because...

- it's beautiful to see your children so happy.

- when in the world have you ever seen Brian look at an animal that way?

- it's only money...you can't take it with you.

I'm glad it's your decision and not mine!!!!!!!

FarOutDad said...

he's a cute dog and he makes cute pics of your fam. I say the pros far out weigh the cons. Yea Jack! You have an awesome new home.

Flea said...

What an absolute beauty of a dog. WOW.