February 5, 2008

My Hallmark Moments Yesterday

I worked off and (mostly) on in a Hallmark from the age of 16 until 24ish. That's a whole lotta time to get aquainted with cards just l'me tell ya! I can go into a grocery store, Target, truck stop and even a car wash and sniff out the card displays within seconds of entering the premise. My love affair with card stock will probably go on forever...even after they become obsolete because of the ease and price of e-greetings. So you can only guess at my delight each year when I am the recipient of real live hold 'em in your hands feel 'em tear 'em open cards from two men who get it. Now, please don't take this wrong. I know guys buy cards. I know some even scan them before they make their choice. But, I spent waaaay too much time helping or watching guys buy cards over the years to not appreciate, I mean reallly appreciate it when my father and husband give me cards that say, "I took the time...".
My father picked out a card this year with beautiful watercolored flowers that were embellished with beads and iridescent glitter (not a tacky amount mind you, just subtle and nice). The words were very sweet and thoughtful, not overly sappy and they showed a little hint to my personality. That's how I know he actually read it, pondered his choice and made his selection with me in mind. (Don't bother leaving a comment contrary to this Dad or I'll just have to "edit" it a tiny bit...) Thanks for taking time for me. You had no idea I was so observant did you? I know, it is a sickness. Wonder where it came from? Thank you none the less for your thoughtfulness.
My loving husband after many years of "perfecting" his card giving ways has finally come up with the perfect solution. He just buys all of them he thinks fit me...anywhere from 3-7.
I can always count on getting the Humorous one or two or three. Which usually alludes to my cooking, personality or domestic capabilities (or lack there of). Followed by the Freakin' Hilarious one. Which 9 times out of 10 alludes to my...ahem...more amorous side. Then he always ends with the Lovey Dovey one. I am going to share the Lovey Dovey words of this year's card because even though it is gorgeous lavendar with royal violet and beautiful girly flowers it was most definitely written by another man that gets cards...and men who buy them.

Here goes:
For My Wife
We've been married a long time.
Now we speak more
of home repair than romance.
When we talk about being hot,
it's usually a thermostat thing.
Candlelight means
there's a power failure,
and a great night in bed
usually means we managed
to get some sleep.
But in the midst
of the humdrum,
I catch a look at your eyes
and see the eyes of the one I fell in love with...
And in your voice,
I still hear the whispers
of someone newly in love,
in your hands, I feel the caress
that has always made me melt.
Life isn't always fun or exciting
or wonderful...
...but you are.

That my Sister~Friends is a Man Card if I've ever read one. I will venture to say it is a front runner for the Holy Grail of Man Cards. Home repair. Thermostat thing. Power failure. Midst the Humdrum. And my all-time fave: Life isn't always fun or exciting or wonderful...
Wow, why it just takes my breath away...


Anonymous said...

Well..and well!
There's a lesson for ole Dad!
The 3 to 7 card strategy! Now that's think'n! Probably better to use a shotgun at close range rather than a rifle!
Good Going Brian!
I am gonna give it a whirl for the Misses at Valentines!
Off to a truck stop for a handful of "Smell Good" cards!

Andrea said...

Dad, you crack me up!! You're a good man!

Great card Bri. And yes, definitely written by a man.