February 11, 2008

For Christ's Sake...

During school the other day the Crumb Snatchers and I were having a discussion about the word Christian during a spelling lesson. After realizing the root word was C-h-r-i-s-t, #2 said, "Do you think everyone who says they are Christian knows what it means?" I asked her what she meant and she answered, "Well... if they are Christ-ians then Christ should be the root of their whole lives."
She is absolutely, unequivocally correct. If we say we are Christian... followers, believers in Christ, then Christ most definitely should be unabashedly rooted in our lives.
It made me ponder the multitude of people who make the bold statement, "I am a Christian." Yet, get embarrassed or flustered if someone brings up Christ's name. Jesus.
For some reason, probably because of all the politicians' empty and convenient declarations of Christanity, I thought of public figures who make the statement, know what it means (by #2's standards) and unabashedly shout it to the world.
It made me stop and really ponder #1's next question in that conversation...
"What if He had become embarrassed when it came to us?"
I am so very grateful He didn't.
I literally owe Him my life.
I am so glad He chose to put me above His own.
It reminded me of a song that I searched for to post the words. Instead, I found the following video of the song along with stills from the Passion of the Christ. Wow. Perfect illustration of Christ's love for us. He put us all above His own life.


Anonymous said...

Cold here in the Litchfield Hills as well...-2 and the wind chill is about -12

Jennifer said...

I love your kids' minds!!! They come up with the most splendid questions and revelations. Be Proud, Mama, be proud!!!