February 11, 2008

Nine Year Old Boy Humor

I was an only girl child, okay tomboy girl, but girl none the less. I know I could hold my own with boy cousins and a very humorous grandfather but nothing prepared me for raising a boy. I taught oodles of boys in my former life as a public school teacher. In fact, I preferred boy students.

Then came Crumb Snatcher #1.

When he discovered his parts as a toddler I knew the Pickle Tickle was just part of discovery and self learning. When he was being potty trained he became obsessed with the bodily functions...and it's never really left. I listen with great interest to his conversations with his buddies whether they are in person, on the phone or through e-mails. I have finally just accepted that even the boys from really proper families (we, by the way, are at the exact opposite end of the spectrum) love to talk, explore, compare, and describe in great degrees the bodies functions and noises.

Hence, the joke that I find myself wanting to share with complete strangers when encountering that ackward silence in lines, waiting rooms, airplanes. Well, not really airplanes. Although, I may consider that an option now when I no longer want to hear about Aunt Bessie's five Fi Fi dogs or my seatmate's bunions and corns.

"There was this airplane flying high, high up with two teachers and an Army Guy. It was way too heavy so the pilot said they needed to lighten the plane by throwing things out. So the first teacher threw out an apple and then jumped out herself. When she landed she saw a little kid crying. She asked what was the matter and the kid said, 'I was walking home and an apple fell out of the sky and hit me on the head.' The second teacher also threw out an apple and then jumped herself. When she landed she saw a little girl crying and asked her what was the matter. The little girl said she was playing with her dolly and an apple just fell out of the sky and hit her in the head. Now it was the Army Guy's turn. He threw out a grenade and jumped out of the plane. When he landed he found a little boy laughing his head off. Army Guy asked what was so funny and the little boy said, 'I pooted and the house blew up!'"

This is the face I see every single time he says the punch line...
Gawd, I love my boy's humor!


Anonymous said...

Now....not that I would ever, ever or e-v-e-r judge your BLOG but.. TAHT was a GOOD ONE!
Great looking kid..whats his first name...the real first name?
Grow'n up!

Andrea said...

Holy crap, he looks like you. I always knew it, but that picture looks like the spittin' image of his momma!

Great joke...I will be sharing it with Noah tonight, so I will probably be hearing it every 20 minutes for the next 2 weeks.