February 6, 2008

Middle or Maiden...Let's share

I usually hate getting those "find out about your friends eye color, her latest cry fest, favorite ice cream flavor, her panty size, etc. etc." So I think it's very apropos I would turn around and do a similar kind of post. (Saucy get off the floor cause I used that word...apropos.) It'll be fun. I hope you all participate. Especially those who are my faithful lurkers!

Here are the rules:
*Chose your middle name or maiden name (if you have one).

*List an adjective or short phrase describing yourself beginning with each letter.
(I am using both of mine. I was going to say to give you an example but you all know the truth - it's because I always have a bunch to say!)

A ~ always try to find the positive
N ~ never-ending harrassment
N ~ not always late

G ~ got a really good aim
E ~ every day is a gift
N ~ nocturnal
N ~ never tire of my family

Post yours in a comment! Purty pllllease.


Jennifer said...


My middle name is easier.

L - Loving
E - Enthusiastic (when it's something I'm passionate about)
E - Energetic (only at certain times though)

Do I need to do my maiden name too????

Jennifer said...

Ok, going to do the maiden name too.

M - Must be on time
c - Can be cranky!
B - Believer!!!!!!
e - Everyone loves me???
t - Teacher (to my little ones)
h - Homemaker

Andrea said...

D-Damn good at spelling.
Y-Yearning to see my friends.
A-Almost always on time.

Anonymous said...

My mother's maiden name FINDLEY which, unfortunately, is my middle name
F - Funny-very!
I - Interesting-very, to me-me-me!
N - Never lose my patients(May be struck by lightening!)
D - Never "Doubtful" you will get it accomplished
L - Love my family..
E - Enthusiam abounds!!!!!!

t - for tears

Shawna said...

A - aspiring to Jesus
U - uxor (that's "wife" in Latin, having met my husband in that class)
D - deliberately had FOUR kids!
R - rabid reader
A - always late

B - baseball-lover
E - eats out often
N - nerdy night owl
I - imaginative
G - grumpy
H - hating housework
T - too much computer time

Seriously, I'm such a dork. I've spent WAY too much time on this!