February 23, 2008

My First Meme

I don't even know if I spelled meme correctly. I am just thrilled to have been tagged to do one!

The rules for this meme are as follows:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. (check. That would be Flea, yep like flea on a dog over at
2. Share 5 facts about yourself (Oh boy. Hang on to your hats...it's rip-roarin' interesting stuff let me just say...)
3. Tag 5 (or so) people at the end of your post and link to them. (5?!)
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs. (check.)

I'm not sure which to suggest taking before reading this: No-Doze or a coupla really stiff drinks so you'll be happy regarless of the impending pain.

Okay, here we go...

Fact #1 - I am VERY proud to be an American, fly this country's gorgeous flag, humbled literally to my knees each time I consider the sacrifices made for me to be able to say these things while enjoying my freedom.

This is downtown Plainsville before the Veteran's Day parade. I know it's before because I am smiling. After the parade I had mascara stained cheeks from tears. As the vets went by us and read this sign (which I just spontaneously made by scrounging around in the trunk of my car before we went to stake out our spots) they would squint to read it and then smile broadly and give me the thumbs up or (gulp) salute me... The thought of these precious, brave, mostly older men mouthing the words "Thank you" for acknowledging them or saluting me was almost too much for me. Several times I put the sign down because it became too overwhelming. What humble and gentlemenly gentlemen they were. I try to teach patriotism to the Crumb Snatchers every chance I get. I want them to know what a privilege it is to live in the greatest nation in the world. And the only reason, as far as I am concerned, that it is the greatest nation is because of the men and women who have gone before us to protect it, fight for it, and prove it to be what it is.

Fact # 2 - I'm an only child. My parents have been divorced since I was two so I do not know what it was like to grow-up with two parents. Actually, it felt like two different lives. Hence, two different pictures to show two of the most influential relationships on my life.

Fact #3 - Someone has actually touched my brain.
The reason for this is I have a condition called Hemifacial Spasm. It is a non-curable, progressable (is that even a word?) condition that effects a person from the top of the scalp to the shoulder on one side of the body. The symptoms begin with mild eye twitching and finally proceed to "facial freezing spasms" and uncontrollable muscle contortions from scalp to shoulder. It usually shows up in people in their 5th decade or later. I was early 30's when I began having symptoms. Since there is no cure, the symptoms are treated with drugs, botox and surgery. When the symptoms had finally reached the point I could no longer read, drive safely with two itty bitty crumb snatchers or sleep for longer than a few minutes at a time I chose to have surgery. In the world of brain surgery it was suppose to be minor. It wasn't. But that is another post another time.

This picture is obvious.

This one is me a few days after. I am sitting up and taking notice of the world again. It is the first time in a loooong time I can open my left eye all the way. No twitching. No face freezes. Uninterrupted sleep. Well, not uninterrupted but at least not from the twitching! I did sustain a minor amount of paralyzation. I cannot close my left eye very tightly so it is always dry and gets irritated regularly with shampoo, wind, sun, pollen, etc. If you look closely my smile is just the slightest bit lop-sided. You have to look closely or know about it to notice. These are two side effects I gladly traded for the alternative let me say!

Fact #4 - I have a wife. Kinda. Sorta.

Okay, she's not my real wife...but she might as well be. We own a JBF franchise together and since it takes up so much of our personal lives we are pretty much married to one another. I named her Saucy Sashi. The reason for her name is also another post for another time. But let me just say both Saucy and Sashi fit her...whether she wants to admit to the Saucy part or not!

Fact # 5 - I live to serve these three people...

as a Godly wife...
(I struggle with this calling daily. Hourly. Okay, by the seconds...but I am trying. Does that count?)

and as their Godly mother.
(ditto for the struggle part.)

That's it. It's a long post. Reeeal long. Thank you for stickin' it out if you've read this far.
These are the people I'm tagging to do this meme with me. Some are seasoned (very seasoned), busy (very busy) and popular (verrrry popular) bloggers who probably don't have time for such trivial nonesense...but, I'll publicly beg, grovel and offer up a Crumb Snatcher or two if they would join in the fun. And some are just casual or new bloggers so they may severe our friendship because I have publicly called them out...

Life in the Chicken Coop because this is Saucy Sashi's brand spankin' new blog and she is going to blow a blood vessel over this invite. The Adventures of Bittyman and his Sidekick Itty Boy because I have been a faithful lookey loo for months and it's time I come out of the Darkness. She seems like a great momma and we share the same opinions on a-l-o-t of things. Sissy's Secrets because this is Crumb Snatcher #2 and she is going to EAT THIS INVITE UP! Looking Towards Heaven because I think everyone should have Karla's personality! Travnicek Family Doin's because she will scour her pix for days and really put thought into this. Sgt and Mrs. Hub because this is the first blog I click on in the morning and the last before I go to bed. Her outlook and perspective on life is an example to all who visit her sight. (Is that enough groveling Andrea? Purty please.) My other for real-life friend Andrea at Our Little Blog because she is a hidden treasure we all need to know better. The Diaper Diva over at Pardon Our Poo because her creativity deserves accolades galore. Just take a close look around her blog and you'll see what I mean. To Alycia clear over in Okinawa because I want to be just like her when I grow up. She is an outstanding model of a Godly wife and momma. I am so thankful to her. She is married to one of the brave protecting and defending our great nation. She offers him unwavering support with her love while providing unforgetable life experiences and memories for her 3 beautiful Treasues. I want her to adopt me. And last, I throw out a huge humble Thank You to the Good Flea for the invite that began this loooonnngggg post! Thanks Flea.

Now...I'd love it if you'd all post 5 quick facts about yourselves in a comment. You've no idea the warm fuzzies it gives me to read your comments. So please, divulge, my good and faithful friends! Unveil yourselves you who are my faithful, anonymous lookey loos! Purge yourselves...and give me some entertainment in my dull and boring life!


Andrea said...

ummm, are there pics here and I just can't see them?

You didn't mention in your loooonnnnggg post that you had a super power (hearing) after surgery. I think that was the best part of all, seeing as how you are SuperMan's mother and all.

{Karla} said...

that cut from your surgery is very impressive!

ALMOST as impressive as the fact that you were able to make that sign at the SPUR OF THE MOMENT from your car. Mine would have to be made from fast food wrappers stuck together with diaper tape and written with a ketchup packet.

I will be posting mine later in the day!

And thank you for your sweet sweet words!! Totally made my day!


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Glad you came out of looky-loo hiding! I love getting to know my hero's fans!

I'll post my answers soon and will be bookmarking your blog immediately!

Anonymous said...

Very, very proud you are my daughter!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You are too funny. And you must've caught me at a weak moment... Daniel is going to write the meme about me, for me. I'm kind of nervous! :)

What is a JBF franchise? I must say -I highly doubt you have a dull and boring life! I don't think you could abide it! :)


Jennifer said...

It's done! Man, trying to think of that many things about yourself is near to impossible, and not extremely comfortable I might add. Thank you, Sis, for always thinking of me though (and I do NOT say that sarcasticly).

Flea said...

Ya done good. And I love your scar - looks like an alien has made its way out of your neck. Maybe it's a gaould symbiote? Tres' chic. :)

Andrea said...

thanks...I see the pics now. I must have caught you whilst in progress. Will post on the meme tomorrow when children are back in school after two snow days.

dcrmom said...

Those are awesome pictures. And I'm just overwhelmed with the thoughts of having brain surgery! I'm so glad it turned out well for you.

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