February 17, 2008

Once Upon a Time

We had BIG DOGS, like really big dogs. We lost our last one the day after Thanksgiving a little over 3 years ago. Our house had a gigantic hole in the middle of the family room floor, the kitchen floor, the laundry room floor, the backyard... basically every where we looked we could picture our big beautiful girl and our hearts broke. Soooo, we agreed to get a smaller dog so we could travel easier, claim our backyard again, not have to be on constant toilet seat alert - things of that nature. Hence Olliver, our beloved BDP. Our life has seemed complete with our little guy. He is the source of giggles, chortles and at times outright gaffaws accompanied with snorting. Lots of snorting - both from him and us.

We have had many discussions on Olliver's state of being. Does he need a buddy to be here with him? Would he enjoy having a friend? Could he handle sharing us with another? What would be best for Olliver? All these questions...often. Yet never a real answer.

Then, if you remember a few posts back, we babysat Piddles, I mean Wiggles. Olliver loved, loved, LOVED having a playmate. Still we hem and haw past the idea. I mean c'mon! Two dogs to feed, two dogs to groom, two dogs to walk, two dogs' poo...? It just wasn't in the cards for our boy to have a buddy any time soon.

That was a week ago.

Apparently a whole lot can change in a week.

Meet Jack.

Olliver's new pet.

He was abandoned.
Walked into a hotel lobby in downtown Plainsville...then right into our home.

What were we thinking?
I have to admit I wondered the same thing for several days. I'll give you an answer tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

He's a pretty dog. You'll have to let us know how it goes for your BDP and family.

Flea said...

He is absolutely beautiful.

Hey, it was so much fun meeting you the other day in Coweta! I have a couple of pictures of your darling daughter holding a baby goat. :) And here's the link to my recent post about our Aussie that I was telling you about.