February 3, 2008

Life questions

I love hearing what the Crumb Snatchers have going on in their heads. I feel privleged when one of them shares a burdening question with me. You know the kind. When you've pondered, weighed, contemplated and squeezed every last ounce of sense out of something. Then you ask someone else what they think just to hear if your conclusion is any where in their vicinity.

This morning while lovingly stroking the BDP's little wrinkly head #2 asked her most burning life question of late: Mommee, if you could chose to be a dog or a person which would you be?

This is that short but telling conversation.

Mommee: I'd be a person.

#2: Why

Mommee: Because to be a happy dog you'd need to have good owners...and honestly I think there are more people who just own dogs then there are really good dog owners.

#2: You're right. But to be a happy kid, you have to have really good parents too.

Mommee: You are absolutely correct...

#2: So really dogs and people are the same...except for the fleas.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Skeeter!
Now that you are old enough to vote..do the "right" thing!
Your card and the all important "check" is in the mail!


All my Lovies
Dad...oh and Granny M and the Beautiful Miss Montana

Jennifer said...

Is that today???? Happy Birthday my friend. Love #2's question and your answer.