February 14, 2008

Love is in the air...

Since the Big Shooter will be leaving town early this a.m. we celebrated the Love Day yesterday. The Crumb Snatchers and I wrote silly songs and a poem. We gaily wrapped frosted sugar cookies with personal sweet messages written on them. Translation: We stopped at Merritt's Bakery. Then we delivered them with balloons to his office where we serenaded him with our silly songs and poem. He loved it. Translation: While smiling he kept glancing into the hallway for the "Keep the workplace stale and dull Police". They didn't come. But, a few members of his work harem gathered to listen and ooo & ahhh so he could puff his chest out a little.

After we'd finished a nice, semi-quiet dinner Big Shooter said, "The Boy and I have a quick errand to run..." which you and I both know what that means. I do not want to get caught tomorrow with my pants down! Translation: I need to go buy sappy gifts to appease the Love Gods so my wife doesn't feel slighted and change the locks while I am away. As he was about to close the door on the way out of the house I sarcastically (are you shocked at my audacity) called out, "Flowers, chocolate and money...in that order." And then chuckled at myself.

After 20+ years of being together for Love Day, I should have known.

Be still my heart.

Who doesn't need the GIANT 3 pound bag?

(That measurement would be me getting prepared for a smart comment about 10 inches of pure milk chocolate...but, the Crumb Snatchers will probably read this post one day and I don't want to put images in their brains...)

Yes, he really did. And, he did it





Translation: He's a much bigger smart****!


Anonymous said...

Happy LOVE DAY..to all!

Granny M, Dad and the Beautiful Miss Montana

Ginger said...

I'm laughing my butt off! I love the sense of humor that your hubby has...and you!! Happy Valentine's!

Jacki said...

LOL....now that is the best Valentines day gift I have ever seen. :-)

PS - I am visiting from Sgt. and Mrs. Hubs.

Tarrah said...

Wow! That 3lb bag of m&m's looks really good about now :)

Jennifer said...

I'm in with tarrah, give me the M&M's!!!! Brian and you fit SO well together. You are both so ornery. I love it. I am having quite a laugh at your expense (or is it with you?!?!?!?)

Happy Heart Day!!!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You guys are perfect for each other!!

I could totally make quick work of that m&m's bag :) And this roses... stunning. Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating with each other! Your husband must keep you in stitches! :)


Kathleen Marie said...

What a sweet honey you have. Good husbands are a sure blessing!