February 5, 2008

Need your help...

Okay, here's the deal. I do not have a M.D. in anything that will pay excessive bills, provide private school tution, lavish vacations or a visit to Tahiti any time soon. However, I do have a serious M.R.S. degree that has been dramatically enhanced by my M.H. (motherhood) degree. Therefore, when I see dangerous symptoms that can potentially effect my M.R.S. degree you can bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna say something. And if that doesn't work, I'm gonna say it again. And if that doesn't work, I'm gonna say it again...and then tattle to you all.
Here's the scoop. Way back when Big Shooter started on his historic, mind-boggling weight loss it was precipitated by a very severe case of the "just-feel-like-crap-all-the-time-yuckies" (that's my pretend M.D. brillance speaking). He got really sick, lost a bunch of weight and then he was on a roll so why stop kinda thing. Anyhow, he has never really got over the just feel like crap a lot of the time yuckies. In fact, here recently I've noticed him getting really bad again. I've been thinking about it quite a bit lately b/c of the whole M.R.S. thing. I really don't want it to change to W.H. (widowhood) any time soon. And like a bolt of lightening it hit me. I've known many people who have lost tremendous amounts of weight (albeit through surgery, unlike the Big Shooter) and have then been hit head-on with gallstones. Hmmm....
I looked it up and this is what I found for symptoms:
*Moderate to severe pain under the right side of the rib cage - yep, his hand seems to be glued right there lately...
*Pain may radiate through to the back or to the right shoulder - how many e.r. visits have we made now for heart attack symptoms or breathing difficulties? I've lost count.
*Severe upper abdominal pain (biliary colic) - yep.
*Nausea - yep.

*Queasiness - always.
*Vomiting - oh yeah, baby. can you say projectile?
*Excessive wind - ...he can wake me from a sound sleep, or wake the dead...and he does - often
*Burping or belching - we have stock in rolaids
*Attacks are often at night or evenings - and I thought he was just trying to shirk his duties
*Attacks often occur after overeating - have you seen his before picture and my current picture?
*Pain will often but not always follow a meal with fats or grease - no comment.
*Pain may be worse with deep inhalation - with all the excitement in this house he seems to always be in pain from sucking the air out of the room
*Attacks can last from 15 minutes to 15 hours
- absoluetly dead on.

My point is this: I truly think B. S. is experiencing a serious gallbladder problem of some sort. He doesn't deny it. He agrees he needs to call the doctor. He promises to everyday. He wakes up, doesn't feel too bad, starts his busy day, and then come late afternoon - evening and here we go again... What's your suggestion?


Anonymous said...

It's me..
Slept in late..5:15..the ole MA was diverted on BDL arrival (fog) ended up in BUF.. Buffalo, NY..Oh Sweet Jesus..some people actually choose to live there..so me and the Beautiful Miss Montana on the road to wee hours in a effort to retrieve her sweet mommy..and did... BIG reunion..Montana's tail nearly shook right off her butt!

Now to your husband's dilemma.. believe it's the same old story.. and the fix remains the same: after surgery, again,.. no matter how NASTY it tastes.. drink four glasses of water per day..possible B S might consider "water" as a prophylactic med.. Okay, okay..enough said.

Oops..got to go..
Montana is back here in the office again..so pretty.. needs lovies.. Oh..I need to fill her water bowlS with beautiful fresh cold clean clear Connecticut well water..again, remember .. fresh water for pets (and loved ones)..seven times per day! Say hi to the kids and when they leave for school make sure their canteens are full of ......
Wow..my fingers are tired from typing! Jaws and teethare sore too.. Have a GREAT DAT!

Andrea said...

Not sure about giving your hubby a quickie..., but I will shoot him an email right now.