October 3, 2008

She Passed the Test, yet again.

I am truly trying to not say some really snarky things...I just don't see that happenin' though. So if you're a Barrack Buddy, please don't hold your breath or anything.

She's been on the stump running for VPOTUS for five weeks and she just stood toe to stiletto with someone who has been professionally blowin' smoke for 35 years... Just so we are clear ~ that's a 1, 815 week or 9, 075 day (I only counted weekdays) difference.

A couple highlights I enjoyed:

* "Paying higher taxes is not patriotic."

* Giving a timeline is like "waving the white flag of surrender". (Said while tapping a watch, We'll be outta you're way at noon on Feb. 20th 2009. You can save all your murderin', schemin', bombin' and head choppin' until the 21st if you don't mind. Then feel free to resume and be sure to make up for lost time...)

* "Go, look back at my comments. You'll see I agreed with Barrack." and "Barrack did not say he'd sit down with Hoobinjobin (can't think of Iranian leader's name) without pre-conditions." Whuh? Huh?! I actually felt bad for Biden with these two comments (amongst many, but these two especially). Does he really think 80,000,000 people did not hear Barrack say these things LIVE. So typical of entrenched politicos. I'll deny it, say I didn't say it, believe I didn't say it, say I didn't really mean it...until you believe me. I loved the retort she had to his first denial, "I watched that debate. I heard what you said. I'm sure the pundits will let us know tomorrow who said what, when."

Quote I wish she would have said to all the, "McCain voted against it. McCain voted against it," would have been, "Duh. Where do you think all the friggin' $$$$ was going to come from to pay for all your Do Good spending?!! Right off the backs of the Average Joe American bustin' his butt to pay for a house and food for his fam, that's where."

I guess it just boils down to the fact I like that she's an average, yocal, middle-class woman who is fed up with the bureaucracy like the rest of us and can speak her mind in non-politico language, stand her ground and not be intimidated by Washington's Finest. I find it interesting that people who don't like her, name the very same reasons. Seriously, I find that interesting.

She talked to the American public personally. He tried.

I did, however, come away with a much better opinion of him in the long run. Kinda. Okay, not much better. But, I did feel for him when he teared up and I love the fact he is so passionate about Israel and he goes home to Wilmington every night from D.C. to be with his fam. THOSE were fabulous things to find out.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Sweetie, I tried to hold back the snarkiness in the post. I really did. But, it's been driving me crazy all week so I'll say it to you ~ You know all those people that called her names, said she was an emotional train wreck, didn't have a chance or a clue? Or my fave, that she couldn't form a thought on her own? Do you think it may have been because they watched edited, pasted together versions of interviews designed to make her look bad...and (gasp) they themselves fell for it? Do ya think that coulda, maybe happened Sweetie? Nah? Me neither.


Anonymous said...

The debate came on at Nine o'clock here in the east, my bed time..the voice over came through loud and clear..."tonight's moderator Gwen Ifill's new book contains passages from Obama." Next Gwenny says "ALL QUESTIONS were chosen by me and no one else"....Click and good night!
I will listen to the pundits today....so far sounds like Palin did okay as did bulldog Joe.

I have voted absentee due to a bird hunting trip in Montana...my good friend and hunting host has also voted and we canceled out each other's vote. Now we can concentrate on the hunting dogs, fellowship, friendship and a gentleman's hunt...Ain't America GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I will say she didn't cry and I fully expected her to.

However, more often than not she answered her own questions and not the questions given to her.

Whatever...time will tell.

Pat said...

I didn't watch,I've had enough emotions run thru me this week, more than I ever want again. My mind is already made so the debate wouldn't make a difference. Glad she did a good job!

Leslie said...

I was impressed with her too! My favorite quote from Biden though was, "Quote, and I paraphrase,..." I am still laughing about that (I probably need to grow up ;) ).

Torina said...

I am an Obama supporter but even I admit that Palin did well last night. I was really looking forward to a comedy show, what with Biden's infamous endless blathering and Palin's infamous snarky clipped responses, but I was disappointed. Oh well.

[Somebody Loved] said...

When it comes to politics... you and i have agreed to disagree.

I will agree with one statement.
'with someone who has been professionally blowin' smoke for 35years'. Yes that is true. However, ALL politicians 'blow smoke'... it's what they do.

My Great-Grandpa Waite said, If you want to keep an honest man/woman(now-a-days) honest... don't vote for him.

One last thing...
Our country is in a HUGE financial mess. I personally am willing to let those that make $250,000 or more pay more taxes... in order to get us out of this mess.


[Somebody Loved] said...

ps. re:(Hoobinjobin)
the guys name is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I remember it with a little trick I learned on The View.
Word association kinda...
Just say, 'I’m a dinner jacket'. Of course you have to end it with a “d” instead of a “cket,” but I think it really does work.

Gordostyle said...

Give us more! I love it ALL!


faroutmom said...

I was going to say the same thing Leslie said...("Quote...I'm paraphrasing") Hilarious.

This morning the only bad thing about Palin the news people can seem to talk about are her "backwoods" vocabulary. Golly-gee, dadgum. They don't like it.

She is a Christian mama of small children who is always in the public eye these days.

I don't think she wants the words the media wants her to use to be in the ears of her children.

I did hear a woman say that she is now "for certain" that Palin isn't ready or experienced enough to be VP and to be a leader in charge of this country.

I guess she doesn't mind for the POTUS to be inexperienced, though.

Kristina P. said...

I didn't watch. I can't. They make me crazy. I like to read about things later.

I'm a firm Independent and haven't decided who I am voting for. I actually like Palin but I don't love her politics. I still don't know what to do, not that it matters, living in Utah.

P.S. My blog has been updated! :)

6HappyHearts said...

I thought Palin did great! I got so mad at CNN last night because they ripped her for having her babies out past 11pm. I was yellin' at the T.V. that she was in CST zone & if it was Biden's baby up there they would be saying..."Oh look at his dedicated wife w/her young baby supporting their man" Grrr! I'm over the bias of our media.

Anonymous said...

GREAT Post! Seriously Great. Blessings, Whitney

Queen B said...

Keep your commentary coming, my friend. I love it when you get all political...

I thought she did a great job, and I also kinda liked him at the end. I loved his stand regarding Israel.

Can't wait til Tuesday!!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

My girl rocked it! Love her.

Wendy said...

You said: I guess it just boils down to the fact I like that she's an average, yocal, middle-class woman who is fed up with the bureaucracy like the rest of us and can speak her mind in non-politico language, stand her ground and not be intimidated by Washington's Finest.

This may be true - but I know many women (including myself) who are fed up with Washington AND can speak their mind...but that is a long, long way from being qualified to run the country or be VP (and even if McCain survives 4 years, there might still be times when the VP is called to run the country...9/11 comes to mind). I've heard too many people root for Palin by saying she is like them - and they feel they could be her friend. That truly scares me. As far as the debate goes - she did okay because she stuck to her practiced talking points and wouldn't answer questions outside of that...and she got all touchy feely with the public. But, she didn't convince me that she is ready or qualified to be where she is...and yes, I will be voting for Obama/Biden in November ;)

*MARY* said...

Didn't watch it but I did catch the SNL version.