October 2, 2008

Fabulous Fall Farm Day at Sashi's

Well, the Gods in little white buckets in the sky must have felt sorry for us because when we returned home a little after 6:30 tonight our power was on. It hadn't been on for too long because the air purifier hadn't had long enough to rid the house of the Dirty Pug fragrance yet.
I love that dog.

I snapped a couple pics of the Crumbs while they were enjoying their day.

Boy Child received a new Lego creation from his buds over the Trauma/Drama Weekend and was dying to get it put together.

His sister, on the other hand, took it upon herself to play with/entertain Saucy Sashi's nephew. (Big Brother to the newest, most precious member of the fam.)

Since this little guy will head to the back door when he needs to use the restroom instead of the bathroom, we all had the same question for Girl Child when he showed up on the back porch like this. "Umm, Sweetie...where exactly did he find the mud?"

Is this not the epitome of a Farm Cat?

His name is Levi. He's 14. He weighs 12 lbs.

And he is by far my most fave thing about their place.

After school snack at Sashi's?

Why sherbet ice cream and sweet tea, what else?

No wonder Girl Child wants "more than anything my life" to be adopted by them...or their grandparents.

Tomorrow I may actually go out into the beautiful fall weather and snap some outside pics.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Every time I think of the debate tonight I hear the announcer for all the boxing matches who says, "Let'sssss get reeeeeady to ruuuuummmmbbblllle..."! Can't wait to see you in the wee hours Darlin'.


Kristina P. said...

I thought that it was chocolate he was rolling around in and I wanted to know where I could sign up.

Anonymous said...

Confirmation that the covering was actually MUD...PLEASE????

Pat said...

Does look like a fun day! I don't blame them for always wanting to go to the farm.

[Somebody Loved] said...

How poetic...
'gods little white buckets in the sky' that was the most beautiful description.

Then 'Boy Child' would fit in so well with my Ted (age 23) but he loves Lego's... he and his girlfriend buy new sets all the time.

As far as the little muddy boy...
I am not the type to think. Is it chocolate or poo... then smell or heavens NO I don't do taste tests as part of my investigation.

I can't wait to see your fall photos.

ps. give my love to Levi... I am a cat lover. Esp. my (i mean my hubby's) cat!