October 21, 2008

I have a story to tell you about a dog...

His name is Faith.

He lives here in Oklahoma.
He has this effect on everyone he meets...

He was born on Christmas Eve in 2002 with 3 legs - 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg which needed to be amputated.
He, of course, could not walk when he was born.
His momma dog did not want him.
His first owner also did not think that he could survive.
Therefore, he didn't want him and was thinking of putting him to sleep.
It was then Jude Stringfellow met him and wanted to take care of him.

She was determined to teach and train this dog to walk by himself.

Hence, his name "Faith."

In the beginning, she put Faith on a surf board to let him feel the movements of the water. Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure and to reward him for standing up and jumping around. Even the other dogs at home helped to encourage him to walk.

Amazingly, after only 6 months, like a miracle, Faith learned to balance on his 2 hind legs and jumped to move forward.

After further training in the snow(scroll back up and look again at puppy picture), he can now walk like a human being.

He spends his time as a super successful motivational speaker in classrooms.



Any where someone needs an emotional boost.

Next time you think you are overwhelmed with life's little problems think of Faith.

And I'll bet God will open a door for you.

Love Note to my Big Shoooter: Thank you for reminding me of this precious, brave dog and the quote. You remind me of Faith. You are the Shooter Family's very own miracle. "Healing your own heart is the single most powerful thing you can do to change the world."


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wow. Amazing.

clan of the cave hair said...

The story is great, but the love note to your Big Shooter is even better.

[Somebody Loved] said...

Unbelievable! But with a little love and faith... you can do anything. Thanks for sharing this ultimate story of Faith.
ps. I see stories like this on Dogtown... but I must say this is the most amazing recovery.

*MARY* said...

This post made me kind of almost like animals.

Pat said...

I've seen Faith on many shows......one very amazing dog!

Queen B said...

I just read about her the other day! Such an amazing story!!