October 27, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

That was mine.
For breakfast.
For lunch.
And again for dinner sometimes too.

Big Shooter and I had a little on Saturday and it reminded him of waking up to the nauseating smell in the mornings during our very first pregnancy.

I didn't have any particular, singular cravings like that in the next three pregnancies. I would think of some thing that sounded good around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and then my dinner was not complete until I'd had whatever it was. For instance, if I had a fabulous baked potato soup in the crock pot waiting at home with all the fixin's and I thought of a chicken Caesar salad around 4, I wouldn't feel like I ate dinner no matter how much yummy soup I ate until I had the salad. We just learned to go with it...after many late night runs to the grocery or late night take-out. The cravings were rarely the same from day to day like the sauerkraut had been. It would range from a grape icee in the dead of winter to acorn squash with butter and brown sugar the next day. No rhyme or reason.

I am not really sure why all this came pouring out today.
It was kinda like the cravings.
Just came outta nowhere.

Did any of you have any cravings?
Or other oddities?
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Wow. What a blast from the past! I loved walking down Memory Lane with you this weekend. It was refreshing in many ways. So many years, so many unbelievable moments and experiences. I wouldn't trade a single one.
Weeell, that's stretching it a teensy weensy little bit. There might be one or two we could skipped.


Anonymous said...

Okay with son #1 I craved greek tazeki (no idea how to spell it) sauce. it is the Garlic, cucumber yogurt sauce. So insane.

And boy #2? Well that was Jalapenos. On. Everything.

And my dear husband would run out and get me either when EVER I even mentioned I needed them. I think he was just a little afraid of me...I gained 80lbs with each pregnancy. So I don't think he wanted to wrestle me if I got upset!!!!


Oh and I LOVE me some 'sauerkrat' too!

Rudy said...

No particular cravings, I just ate everything in site!

Anonymous said...

With Nina - watermelon and coffee banana shakes. And steak.

With Stink - oranges and ice. Couldn't chew enough ice! And to this day, he loves all things orange.

Great post! Thanks for taking me back to such fun memories!

faroutmom said...

With #1, I craved the huge double double cheeseburger at Burger Street. But only from the one at 21st and Harvard...and we lived way out in west Tulsa. But I did work at 31st and Sheridan...so guess where I was at lunch 3-4 days a week. A double double and a large ice water with extra ice, please!

Oh yeah, and green beans, too? Weird.

With the other three, and with the first, I craved all things Mexican...salsa, enchilada, taco, what-have-you...and it didn't have to be authentic...I didn't care whether it was a Senor Tequila, Chimi's, Abuelo's, Taco Bueno, Bell or Mayo. etc...I wanted it all...several times a day.

Somehow, I still lost weight during each pregnancy instead of gaining. I'm not sure how.

ShEiLa said...

I loved sucking on & eating lemons.(it wasn't the best for my teeth) The more pucker the better. I also chewed on ice chips like a crazy woman. (how else would I chew them? i am a crazy afterall) I don't know if my [m&m's] craving was really a craving... or if being pregnant was an easy way to mask my weight gain from eating them.

I have heard of some women craving spoonfuls of dirt??? Never had that one. I know my Mom drove my Dad crazy one night when she was craving cotton candy. Then there was the 'tar'. Like the kind used in coating roofs before shingles. When the tar would dry it could be broken off in a chunk... then you could chew on it (like a big hunk candy bar). I remember my Mother having me try it... although the flavor is not awful... there are lots better things to eat.


Unknown said...

Steak. It's all I wanted and I had never eaten it before I got pregnant. Weird. Now, I love steak.

Flea said...

Ewww! Sauerkraut! I craved spicy big bite hot dogs, with cheese and chili, from 7-11, with a large orange juice. Just during the first pregnancy. Second one I ate a lot of Snickers and drank Dr. Pepper. Brain food.

Anonymous said...

Ketchup. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today. Saw you listed in the Oklahoma magazine. Enjoyed your writing.

My cravings were tacos, tacos, tacos, and Braums Oatmeal Raisan Cookies for my midnight snack.