October 29, 2008

Love Bugs, Kings & Queens and other Traditions

I said traditions in the title, but really I don't think they are considered family traditions as much as they are considered Quirks.

While we were driving today Boy Child called out that he'd seen a yellow Volkswagen bug to which Girl Child and I immediately sang out, "I'm so happy you're my brother/son." When we see a red one it warrants a blowin kiss and an "I love you" to the finder.

When Big Shooter and I were dating we began with the familiar Slug Bug game. It quickly changed to Hug Bug and then just as rapidly evolved to Kiss Bug for obvious young hormonal love reasons. When we introduced this game to the kiddos we also quickly came to our senses and realized we did not like the Slug Bug version and the Hug version didn't seem to work out easily either. So we came up with a color coded Bug Game. Red means we show love to each other, yellow is happiness, and green is all of it. Other colors mean you can use your imagination as long as it's positive. "Old antique" bugs mean double of whatever color it is. And by old antique I mean the kind I grew up with.

Our next quirkiness comes from our habit to kiss as soon as we cross a state line. We used to just jam our foot as far under the dash as we could so we'd be "the first in the state", until we had the bright idea to kiss instead. Ahhh, again with the virtues of young, horny love...

The last one I'm sharing today is one many of you have heard us do. I don't even remember how or why it began. I will say, though, it tells a whole lot about people and their relationships. Whenever Big Shooter and I have a non-agreeing point of view on something you will hear one of us say to the other, "You know you're going to have to say it, right?" to which the other will confidently reply, "You mean you're going to have to say it!"
The it is a simple statement uttered when one or the other's point is proven incorrect. They have to say, "I was wrong. You were right. You're the King (or Queen)." Now while you smile or giggle at this I would love for you to try it with your spouse.

This is what we've learned over the years:

  • Some people cannot even get out the "I was wrong" part.
  • And some can't get the "You were right" part past their tongues.
  • But, for some reason, naming someone your King or Queen seems to hold the most difficulty.

Try it and let me know.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I told you I wouldn't share them all...now you have to say it. It's like music to my ears. "You're the Queen."


Queen B said...

Waaaay better than that punching business. We're gonna give it a try!

[Somebody Loved] said...

I remember playing 'slug-bug'. Does that make me old like you?
I love the state line game... but the best one is 'kings & queens'. I am a 'king' every day...Ü but oh to be a queen! Most of the time I am wrong... my hubby is too smart and thinks too much... I tend to blurt things out, thus the need to say I am sorry a whole lot more.

Lady S said...

Love these ideas! Especially the Queen and King. We have got to try it! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the laugh today. I love how you have a note to your husband everyday. I bet he loves it to :-)

S. A. Merritt said...

lol! I LOVE the "King & Queen" bit, and especially the picture you posted to go along with it :) I'll let you know how it goes...

Flea said...

Bwahaha! I'm going to love hearing that I'm the Queen. :)

Gordostyle said...

You are the cutest darn family ever! (Well besides mine of course. :o) )


Anonymous said...

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