October 23, 2008

Life Lessons by Amelia Ant

"Mesmerizing." ~ Girl Child age 8

"Entertaining." ~ Boy Child age 10

"Incredible Ingenuity." ~ Big Shooter age 40

"Show Stoppers." ~ Straight Shooter age almost 40

"Unbelievable, Incredible Feats of Strength." ~ All Shooter family members several times daily

At first, it may sound as if we were describing a Broadway hit or at least the Freak Sideshow at the circus, but it is not to be.

We are speaking, a-gain (say it like Forest Gump when he went to the White House...a-gain) of our industrious house guests ~ the Ants.

We have all spent so much time observing, commenting and critiquing I finally had the brilliant idea to record some of my favorites.

Before I share, I want it stated for the record, I will not be giving credit where credit is due because I don't remember where credit is due. What I do know is I will more than likely commit the first ever mistake of my life and incorrectly give credit to the incorrect person and then hear about it from the correct one. Which in turn will cause arguments amongst Big Shooter's Spaw...I mean our loving, kind and patient blessings might kindly ask me to make some minor, inconsequential post editing changes at my earliest convenience. So out of the kindness of my pea-picker, I will just state my business and move on.

I am going to title these observations: Life Lessons from an Ant's View Point.

* "Never give up! The break through is sooo close!"

* "No task is too daunting with persistence."

* "Determination will get you places...amazing places!"

* "Every little bit helps."

* "Your load may seem heavy, but someone else's is guaranteed to be heavier."

* " You can always back yourself out of tight places."

* "Diligence pays in giant rewards!"

* " Always give the right of way."

* "If the mountain in front of you seems too big, find another way or go under it."

* "It is always better to have a friend's help."

* "Together we can move whole mountains!"

* "There is light at the end of the tunnel!"

* "When disaster strikes, there is only one thing you can do - start over."

* "Team work! Team work! Team work! Rah, rah, rah!!"

* "There is always more than one way to get there."

* "Our world is fragile and must be respected."

* "Really hard work pays off!"

* "Chip, chip, chipping away gets rid of something unwanted."

* "A breakthrough is cause for great celebration!"

And my favorite observation thus far:

* "Frequent grooming is a very good thing..."

Amen Sister!! ...or Brother.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Let's play Ants. You be the Daddy Ant and I'll be the Momma Ant and I'll meet you in the shower for some "frequent grooming" 'kay?


Flea said...

Oh ew! You're gross, mama ant! ;)

Gordostyle said...

Cool! Cool! Cool!

Love all those comments (by whomever)!


ShEiLa said...

Your house guests have provoked a whole lot of deep thinking... love all of these lessons... copy & paste to my word document for safe keeping.

Goob said...

amazing amelia ant! It sounds like a children's book, don't you think? Or maybe a self-help book
"Lessons from the Farm...How I Found Greatness in the Miniscule".