January 3, 2008

"Thanks Grandpa & Granny M. for the BEST day of my life...!!" exclaimed both Crumb Snatchers.

After waiting 6 whole days since the Great Revelation...

...they see Big Shooter driving their Mini Viper towards them...

...and show a tiny bit of excitement.

He could not stop grinning even if his life depended on it.

(His face decorations are another post, another time. Let's just say he won't need a demonstration when we study friction later. All I'll need to say is, "Remember how the sled stopped when it hit pavement?")

Oh yeah baby! Look who's behind the wheel with her matching helmet and gloves!

"Father, who art in Heaven...what have I done...?"


Melody said...

Oh My Gosh Stacey, I can't believe the kids are driving that!! YOu must have been drinking... ha.. ha..I will be sending you some holy water to sprinkle on them before they get driving that!!! HA.. HA
Anyway, hope all is well and we miss you all. Bry looks great! John and I didn't even recognize him in the pictures. WOW!! We just got back from visiting the in-laws in CHI town. Good to be home. Those kidos are growing to fast!
Take care and talk soon,

Anonymous said...

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