January 28, 2008

How much longer...

... will she crawl into his lap to snuggle?
... will he be able to hold her while she sleeps?
... will he be her only boyfriend?
... will she believe he is a super hero?

... can he protect her from the real world?

... will she allow him to protect her from the real world?

... can I bare to watch her grow up so quickly?

... until I see him give her to another?

... until he goes to prison from assaulting a prospective suitor?


Anonymous said...

answers: No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no and no
And it is all love and heart breaking at the same time..

well..there is some good stuff in there too ..as I recall..I think..I'm pretty sure..right!
Okay, do your best and then punt!


dlyn said...

Even if he doesn't hunt, he should invest in a couple shotguns, so he can be cleaning them when her dates come over to meet you the first time. Very effective. And Dad will always be her superhero!

Andrea said...

I was just organizing a scrapbook page along these same lines. I may have to steal some of your lines, if that is ok. There were some great ones.

BTW...I finally found someone to scrap with here. We are going for the first time since I moved here on Friday. Wish you could come with us. Miss you.

Jennifer said...

I don't know about you but there are still days (today could be one of them) that I'd love to crawl up in my daddy's lap. Someone bigger than me to say it's all ok; someone to make all the hard decisions and you don't even have to think about them. And as I write this I think "but that's Father God's place" and I am so glad. On days like today I need to crawl up in Abba's lap and let Him take my burdens on Him. Thank you, Stacey, for that reminder.

Anonymous said...

HI stacey, Richelle here. I agree with Jennifer it reminds me of my Dad and how I wish I could crawl up in his lap and everything will be ok. I miss that. Miss you too. Call sometime when you get a chance. You seem much busier than me. We need to scrap again sometime soon. I NEED to scrap sometime soon!!!!!!