January 13, 2008

Banter, Bunk, Swashbuckling...???

What do these mean to you? Big Shooter and I grew up in a small town in southern Idaho. We have found our vocabulary is a little different than those who grew up here in Plainsville. For example:

In Idaho we called the area on the side of the road a borrow pit. We called the compartment in the dashboard on the passenger side a jockey box. When a car spins in a complete circle we called it a cookie. A very large ditch is called a cooley. When we went to get a drink with friends we were "going for a pop". Dinner was supper. And for me, lunch was dinner.

As for the title: instead of bantering the Big Shooter and I have a bout of swashbuckling. (That's not from Idaho by the way. We just made it up b/c that's what describes it best.) And bunk? That's what we call the made up stuff that comes so easily out of our mouths...


Andrea said...

Where I grew up, we called small pieces of rocks "chat". When I moved away is the only time anyone ever asked me what that was. I guess everyone else calls it gravel.

Jennifer said...

How do you say 10???? I guess I never realized till I moved away from home to Iowa that I pronounce it tin. When I first moved people at work would say "What?" and then they always laughed at me. Now I live in the great state of OK and it's perfectly normal. Yee Haw, Ya'll!!!!!!