January 27, 2008

Hmmm...Who's this little doll face?

His name is Wiggles.
However I, in keeping with my recent urine theme, called him Piddles.

I have had a major case of Puppy Fever since Saucy Sashi got a little purse dog for Christmas. Every time I said, "...puppy" Big Shooter would see his life pass before his eyes.
...so he volunteered my babysitting services.
I thought, "Ohhhh, the BDP will LOVE this! A playmate!"
That was before I had to look at this pathetic little face when he had to share his toys.
Piddles was oblivious to the conflict going on around him.
...to say the least.

Yet, just like a true blue crumb snatcher, he pouted when Piddles went back home.


Andrea said...

So, did puppy-sitting help with the puppy fever? Just curious if that worked.

on another note...my word verification for this comment is wSEXmu...I found it humorous...I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

When that beautiful doggy face popped up on your blog I thought "Oh Me!" But happy to read it was a fleeting moment of "Mommy-ism." Have a feeling that others were heartfallen as was Mr. Oliver when the visitor went home.

Jennifer said...

I love that pouty puppy dog face. BDP is certainly a cutie. I hope everyone got over their puppy fix?!?!?!?!?

dlyn said...

Those are some seriously cute doggies - love em both! Very nice blog!