January 21, 2008


Guess what word I looked up?

abstracted, aloof, casual, cold, cool, disinterested, distant, faraway, incurious, indifferent, introspective, introverted, laid back, offish, on ice, removed, reserved, standoffish, stuck up, unapproachable, uncommunicative, unconcerned, uninterested, uninvolved, uppity, withdrawn

central, close, near, relevant

Hint: It is the first word of something we girls are not allowed to touch, be in charge of or even think about.

Note: I'll tell you tomorrow. But girls, if you really think about it you'll get it...and when you do...it will make your day re-reading these synonyms.

Answer: Yesss, the word is remote.
In our home school, #1 and #2 alternate weeks of being "Student of the Week". All this means is if there are choices to be made or turns to take they get to have the honor. It works out great for all those Momma times you need to have one flavor of kool-aid in the fridge at a time, one child sitting shotgun or the lucky one who takes out the trash. That kind of thing.

It also means that person gets to choose the tv show they watch for their allotted daily media time. Of course that would mean that person should have control of the remote right?
WRONG. I hear, "Mooommmeeee, he won't let me hold the remote!" to which #1 replies, "You just tell me what you want and I'll click it." or "She doesn't need the remote." Which proves my point. They (males) have a physical, psychological, organic, in-bred need to hold the all powerful remote in their hands.
It's almost as if they feel it's cheating on them if it works for someone else.

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Jennifer said...

is it the remote?????

if it is then Eric and I actually "fight" over who DOESN'T get it.