January 8, 2008

Dad a.k.a. Grampa, Head Mule, Big Kahuna, The Boss, Sir

You all know what a somber, stoic, unemotional, steadfast girl I am so there is no need for me to change my habits and get all mushy in this post. You all believe every word I say right? I would never, ever shed a public tear. I am a picture of control at all times... Therefore I have chosen to answer many questions from freinds about where several of my personality traits come from with pictures and non-dramatic, aloof captions in order to spare anyone from over-the-top sentiment and unneccessary tears. I feel this is the least I could do.

This is my dad. "Hi Dad."

He's camera shy.

See what I mean?

He has a great imagination.

He's a picture of emotional control.
(He's barely holding it together looking at a sketch we gave them of his other daughter, Montana. See... look what we did to his poor wife. That's not a smile.)

When it comes to emotional control, I'm just like him!

Don't you agree friends?

He really likes long family outings that last 2 hours past lunch and his nap time in the cold, misty wind.

He loves to broaden his horizons while traveling with young kids.

Cool, calm...relaxed.

See any resemblance yet? We're practically twins!

He is a patient teacher...

who shows by gentle example.

He lives for great surprises!!

(See earlier "Thanks Grampa & Granny M. for the best day of my life!" post.)

He LOVES his spouse.

That's my beautiful step-mom, M.A.

He loves me. And I love him.

And we're one big happ, happ, HAPPY family!


Andrea said...

yes, you are 2 peas! Love you girly.


Anonymous said...

Your end photo (?) those Jesus guns again..what's the deal?
Your dad appears very handsome and also very, very cool! Also appears he is surrounded by beautiful women much of the time!