January 9, 2008

2 Timer

My little Crumb Snatcher #2 is much braver than I was at her age. After a failed attempt at the whole girly right to passage ear piercing debacle a few years ago I figured she might have a brave daring moment at some much later point in her life and try it again. I was thinking around say... menopause? Not the way it went down. She recovered from the whole ordeal and started asking again about 6 months after we gently removed the first pair that had caused lots of redness, swelling and infection. Wellll, that's not really how they were removed...picture trying to submerge a big fat farm cat in a bucket full of ice water and that's more like it. She has been determined ever since to face the dragon and slay it herself. I cannot begin to count the times we have visited the jewelry counter to (gulp) "see the gun" or (swallow) watch someone get their ears done. Let's just say too many for Momma.

The last time she asked before Christmas I could tell she really had accepted all it would require of her this time around. We talked it over with Big Shooter who didn't even ask her any questions. He looked at me and said, "Are you ready for this?" I gulped, nodded, gulped again. He said, "I'm not so sure you are." Little Itty saw her chances slipping and suggested the very next day out of the blue she would "love very much to have my ears pierced with Granny M. when we visit Connecticut" Smart little whippersnapper. In one request she accomplished more than she knew. 1) Granny is a former nurse. (Thank my lucky stars!) 2) Mommy only has to be near by. 3) She earned oooo's, ahhhh's and warm fuzzies from Granny and myself because she chose to include Granny M in this huge girly step. (Granny for obvious reasons and me b/c I would only have to be... near by.) 4) Granny is a girly-girl who likes earrings so this opens up a whole new world for both of them. (And since this is a straight shootin' blog I should mention Granny only wears the good stuff. That can only be a plus for #2...)

So off to the mall we go...

To my utter surprise she jumped right up in the chair and waited calmly for the hurried lady to get the gun that would tear through her sweet, tender, velvety soft little earlobe I kiss so often... How can she be so calm?

One down!

gulp. swallow. breathe. gulp. swallow. breathe.
(I'm saying that for me not her.)

O.M.G.! ! ! I need a paper bag to breathe into at this point. My brave little trooper on the other hand has the traces of a little smile?! All I can say is, "THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE FOR GRANNY M.!"

Look at her would you?! She has made it through both sides with neither a flinch or frown nor any trace of a negative reaction. She is just fine. And PROUD. And HAPPY. And ADORABLE. And growing up. Sniff.

All done!

(Sorry about the bad last shot. It was the best I could do from the floor...)


Rising Rainbow said...

She looks very pleased with herself. And you can't be doing too bad, you managed to take pictures AND post a blog! Way to go mom!

Leslie said...

She is so cute and did a great job! How exciting!! I am proud of you too, S!!

Jennifer said...

I can just see your face...

Oh, Chrissy's looking at the pictures with me and says "I'll never get my ears pierced again!" I think she forgot about the gun until she looked at Bitty's picture. Oh well, the longer she waits the better off we'll all be!!!!!

Way to go Britton!!!!!


Andrea said...

I hope they had emergency personnel on hand...for you, of course. Looks great #2!!

{Karla} said...

what an awesome job! I was practically bawling when my daughter had hers pierced. It was definitely harder for me than her.


Anonymous said...

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