January 18, 2008

Last of Mystic Seaport ~ I Promise!

I just could NOT pass showing these to you all. I just love wreaths. These were so very cool in person. If a person (definitely not me) were talented in this manner these made lasting impressions on visitors. Okay, I am just speaking for myself here cause I love 'em. But, they were very beautiful, simple (looking, obviously not tying), and perfect for the season. I know many of you who read this are very artsy-fartsy and creative. Please send me photos of your wreaths. I have always loved wreaths. I already said that though. If you have ideas for wreaths - please leave it in a comment for me. I'm sure Big Shooter would love for me to have a few more hanging around.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Will phone and inquire regarding knot tiers for these wreath accessories for next season or I will get my knot refference book out and give it a whirl..get it?