January 22, 2009

"Uh...No officer, I don't know how fast I was going."

I am not exactly sure why he is smiling...

Those little slips of paper he is holding?
Why they'd be OHP Warnings.

2 of 'em.

2 days apart.

One on the 16th


One on the 18th.

Did I mention he got an actual speeding ticket a month before?

Oh, I didn't?

Well, he did.

And obviously, he didn't learn a thing from that experience.

I consider this a most embarrassing moment for him.

I don't think he does so much.

Maybe that's the whole problem.

Maybe a little razing or public ridicule will help drive the point home...?

Most likely that won't either. He'll just drive my daily visitor counter up while he obsessively checks the comments to see what you have to say about him.

So what say you to Lead Foot?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Girl Child was right. At least the flashing lights were pretty at night...


Anonymous said...

He does seem unusually pleased with himself. Maybe because they are warnings and not tickets. Don't have to shell out the big bucks or get points on your insurance with warnings.
Tickets however make you think about what else you could have done with all that money.

Rudy said...

Man, BS was very lucky to have just gotten warnings! They must not have ran his tag to see he had just gotten one, or I don't think he'd be holding warnings.
BS you seem a bit too proud of yourself there!

Flea said...

I got nuthin'. It's a sad state of affairs when the man who pays the bills plays with fire like that. Wait - what's he drive?

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

what a great layout and look you have to your blog. It's so refreshing to look at it.

Sara said...

As a fellow lead footer myself all I got it, "Way to go with the warnings instead of tickets, BS!!"

T with Honey said...

And to think that I stressed out over the warning I got last week because my tail light was out. Sheesh!

BS, you should be ashamed of yourself and wipe that cheesy grin off your face. Is this the kind of example you want to set for Girl Child?

ShEiLa said...

Maybe a public discussion in front of a small child say age 4 or 5 will work. I was so embarrassed during a recent conversation on police officers when my daughter told Capri that I had tickets before. Not for speeding I quickly countered... only I was wrong. They may have been over 15 years ago...but my girl remembered every one. Impressionable. One such ticket was pink which was fitting since it was Valentines day.

I agree with [Okiesister]. He is proud because he got off with a warning.

Just make sure you never get one in Federal juristdiction... those are murder... not me. My husband.


Goob said...

Just remember BigShooter, those troopers know exactly how many warnings you've had! 3rd time will likely be the charm!

Goob said...

oh, and my husband incessantly checks for comments too, he is more comment crazy than anybody I know. It makes me laugh. He gets really proud of me when I get more than 12 comments. LOL

6 Happy Hearts said...

Woot! Woot! Awesome!!! Two warnings?!
He is blessed ; )
PS I'm a lead foot too. It's a very expensive habit. Ugh?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's been a bad boy. Doesn't look like he much cares...naughty, naughty.

Be careful. They're watching you.


Shawna said...

Once, before I had children, I got two warnings in two states in one day. I was driving a big red work truck back to Plainsville from Longview, Texas, where I had spent weeks training in the oil fields. My foot was to the floor until I got pulled over ("I'm so sorry, Mr. Trooper, sir, I'm just headin' home to my husband for the weekend!"), then I was very careful until I crossed the Red River. Maybe half an hour later I saw those pretty lights in my rearview mirror again... and talked my way out of it again, too :)

Way to go, Big Shooter!

Anonymous said...

Well, let me just say that MY dear Hubby grew up in GERMANY and learned to drive on the Autobahn! Do I need to say anymore?! :) He, too, has just seen those lovely blue lights on TWO occasions, one of which was while on an out of state trip, except his were NOT of the warning variety! He's VERY fortunate to have a good friend who's an attorney, otherwise he'd probably be needing to search for one specializing in divorce. Ok, maybe not divorce, but he'd definitely be in the DOG house, and it would be a shame, b/c we've been having a record breaking cold winter. :)
BS, if you're going to have a lead foot, you'd better be looking into joining the Military, b/c my dear BIL has rec'd over FORTY warnings for speeding. All you have to do is pull out your Military ID, instead of your driver's license! :) And, yes, he's my Hubby's baby brother, who, also, drove on the Autobahn and is now an AF pilot!