January 15, 2009

Heroes in harm's way...

This is Ron.
He's a marine.
He is an American hero.
He is in extremely dangerous conditions.

These are his heroes.
His three most precious Gifts.
They miss him hourly.
They pray for his safety daily.

This is his heart.

Her name is Alycia.

She is not complete without him by her side.

She prays continuously for his safety.

When you think of your FREEDOM...

to go to the grocery store, talk on the phone, take the kids to a good school, watch your favorite tv show, come home from work safely, get a hug from the ones you missed today...

...say a prayer for his safety and all the other American heroes putting themselves in harm's way right now ... for you.

The Shooter family appreciates all you are doing Ron and fellow military brethren. We appreciate all the mommas who are making it work everyday while the other half of their heart is separated from them. We so appreciate the children who are holding it together in the midst of huge change and scary feelings of uncertainty.

We pray for you daily. All of you.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: This post made me think of you and your presence in our home. I cannot begin to tell you how important it is. How we look forward to seeing you walk in the door. How we count down the minutes until we get to giggle, hug and just be with you.

Visit Alycia at Where My Treasures Are...


ShEiLa said...

Good Morning Sunshine!

This was an early morning sobering reminder. As a Mother many times I have had the responsibility of raising our kids alone. While my honey was at work. Trips to the doctor, to the hospital for stitches (they never even gave him the message at work). Going to church alone. Sleeping alone at night (my honey works shiftwork).


There was help in the process. I wasn't alone 24/7 like Alycia. My husband wasn't in a different country far far away. He wasn't fighting a war. His safety wasn't a daily concern tugging at my heart.

Thank you for posting this today. I often think of our military men & women. But when you give them a name and a face and a family... they become even more real.

I look for the day when they all can come home again. The heroes of our country... home to their families.


Flea said...

Prayers going out for Ron and Alycia and crew. The best of the best.

Anonymous said...

This was a good post. It made me sad for the family in your pictures.

Thanks for reminding us to pray for our military.

Alycia said...

Thank you so much for such a sweet post. It warmed my heart and made me sad too for that family..but oh, wait! That is MY family you are writing about ;) I can only thank our God who gives me the strength I need every day to face these challenging times. Just when I think I can offer no more...He lifts my face and carries me for the rest of the day (or hours at some times). I am grateful for my fellow military wives and their beloved husbands and for friends like you throughout the world who support our military. It means SO MUCH to all of us!!! I'm going to print this post off and send it to Ron ~ he'll be so touched.

Goob said...

Its nice to see somebody who hasn't forgotten that there are people to be thanked and prayed for. We love us the USMC at Clan of the Cave Hair, I'll have to stop over to Alycia's and say hello.