January 26, 2009

It's THAT time again...

Our sale is 9 weeks away.
So Saucy Sashi and I are meeting to get things done...often.
We had a breakfast meeting a little while back.
After about an hour or so, Girl and Boy Child had pretty much had enough.
Since I have no clue how to work the scanner and the pix are blurry, I'll translate below.

Girl Child leans around and slips a note on our table: "are you omost done?"
Sashi: "Yes! In a JBF kinda way! Love, Sashi"
Girl Child: "Hello Girl Child speaking. I'm glad I'm realy glad. I'm realy realy glad Love Girl Child"

But, apparently she didn't believe us, because When Boy Child asked what we'd said, she wrote this to him: "no, In a copl hours."

When the ticket came it was Boy Child's turn. He slipped me this note: "Do I have to pay?"
Me: "Yes! Use your good looks and charm."
Girl Child interrupted: "He berly has any. love Girl Child"
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I can berly believe it's omost time for another sale???


Flea said...

It's that time again already?!? Geez o flip!

Goob said...

too cute! I love little kid spelling. It makes me think I need to do a post about the note my oldest left the toof feary about a lost toof that was 8 senumears long. lol

ShEiLa said...

I think girl child & boy child have you all figured out.

Love the notes.

Have fun with JBF. It makes me wish I lived closer.


Rudy said...

Oh those crumbs are so fun! I think they have your game figured out :)